Zandvoort was not just a race-weekend… [video]
June 1, 2017

A couple of days ago BOSS GP crews, fans and about 100.000 motorsport enthusiasts experienced a great weekend in Zandvoort (NED) at the “Jumbo Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen”. BOSS GP was part of a fully loaded race weekend, with Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport) winning both races. For the first time this season the weekend was accompanied by  a camera-team and camera-operator Chris.

The Dutch love motorsport. And the love their national hero Max Verstappen, who is racing at the Formula 1 for the Red Bull Racing Team. The “Jumbo Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen” in the little town on the North sea  coast, 40 km west of Amsterdam, were not only host for the Dutch F1-driver, but also for season races 3 and 4 of the BOSS GP championship 2017. The crowd of about 100.000 spectators went crazy, as soon as Max Verstappen bombed down the track. But the motorsport enthusiasts along the track loved the sound and speed of the BOSS GP as well. There was a huge crowd around the boxes of the impressing BOSS GP cars, especially around the boxes of the two local heroes, Marijn and Rinus van Kalmthout. As you can say – the Dutch really love motorsport.

BOSS GP team was lucky, to was accompanied by a camera-operator for the first time in season 2017 on the weekend in Zandvoort. Chris put the images together and created a great video, which shows, what BOSS GP is all about. Lean back and enjoy:

PS: Next chance, to experience these impressions live on your own is on 10th + 11th of June 2017 on the Circuit Paul Ricard in France. See you there!

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