Gerstl and von Grünigen secure poles
September 10, 2016

bossgp_brno_fp2-17An exciting qualifying session at the Automotodrom Brno is over. Christof von Grünigen secured pole in the FORMULA Class, while Ingo Gerstl timed a new track record to go top in the OPEN Class

When it mattered, Christof von Grünigen was there! Following two low-key free pratice sessions, the Swiss Zele Racing driver went all out on attack in qualifying winning pole. “We have been analysing data till midnight, changed the setup of the car and that has paid off. I know, I can win,” von Grünigen was delighted.

Rival Chris Höher was discontent saying: “I am not happy with myself and my performance. The car was great thoug, so thanks to my team. I will have to make up for it in the race.” Luis Michael Dorrbecker, who had dominated free practice, came third. The Torino Squadra Corse driver fell victim to a pit crew error: “We had mounted used tires under the blankets. When we found out, it was too late to change. So I had to go out on these rubbers, which cost us about half a second.”

Salvatore de Plano and a strong Florian Schnitzenbaumer completed the Top 5.

In the OPEN Class, Polesetter Ingo Gerstl showed an immaculate lap, setting a new (unofficial) track record. The Austrian (Top Speed Team) lapped the Automotodrom Brno in 1:36;932 miunutes, improving the old best, which he also held, by an amazing three seconds.

Countryman Peter Milavec placed second ahead of VES Racing’s Frits van Eerd. Comebacker Wolfgang Jordan (H&A Racing) came fourth, followed by Hans Laub and the Speed Center-Castrol outfit.

bossgp_brno_fp2-44Swiss Christian Eicke presented himself vastly improved. “I am very happy with this session. I feel much more comfortable in the car and was eight seconds quicker than yesterday. That’s just amazing.”

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Jaksch had a troublesome session: “These were my first laps in this car and it is great. However, the session was difficult, because I had a warning on my display that the engine temperature was too high. We are not sure yet, whether it’s genuine or just a flaw. Regardless, we should be able to have sorted it out by the start of the race.”

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