BOSS GP Night of the Champions
November 24, 2016

On November 19, the entire BOSS GP gang gathered in Mozart’s hometown Salzburg to celebrate a successful 2016 season and crown the title winners

Christian GänseAt Hotel Friesacher Anif drivers and officials came together to attend the season closing gala which was presented by BOSS GP coordinator Christian Gaense, who openened the evening with a video review.

“2016 has been the best and most successful year in BOSS racing history so far. We enjoyed great event, exciting races and had loads of fun. On average, more than 20 cars were on the grid per race and our partner agency HM Sports looked after making our series better known. With that background we defimitely want to keep or even surpass this level in 2017”, Gaense said.

Open Class ChampionsAfter the appetizer had been served, new FORMULA Class Champion Christopher Brenier was decorated together with runners-up Luis Michael Dorrbecker (2. overall) and Salvatore de Plano (3.). In addition to the trophy, each driver received a highlight reel of his best racing moments in 2016. Following the dessert, OPEN Class winner Ingo Gerstl and his Likes Peter Milavec (2. overall) and Frits van Eerd (3.) received their trophies.

Karl Heinz BeckerKarl-Heinz Becker, who celebrated his 20th season in BOSS racing this year, was rewarded with a special achievement award. The German has already become a legend, who is still showing great fighting spirit and surprising pace. The highly likeable “grumbler” was received the “Master of Complaining“ Award.

Gaense also thanked the BOSS GP team working behind the scenes all season including Westside Motorsport with chief Oliver Kuhnle and his team, technical DMSB commissioner Harald Michel, sports consulting agency HM Sports (Harry Miltner and Arthur Becker) as well as BOSS GP photographer and IT boss Michael Kavena of Pixel Boulevard.


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