The long trip from Los Angeles paid off this weekend for Phil Stratford (USA)
May 24, 2015

Phil Stratford, the californian GP2 driver came all the way from the pacific coast to Monza to participate at one of his favorite tracks for the third BOSS GP race weekend. He already indicated in race 1, that he felt comfortable and motivated this weekend to claim a podium spot for himself. While finishing P7 in race 1, his pace and lap times were already quiet promising and he finally showed all fans a feisty race 2 and fought from his starting position 7 to P3, a pretty well earned podium for him. The long trip definitely paid off and he will take a valuable Monza trophy back home to the west coast!


With his third win in a row Johann Ledermair (AUT) seems to be the current benchmark in the BOSS GP series. A sovereign wire to wire gave his direct rival Jakub Smiechowski (POL) no chance to take home a winner trophy from Italy. The Polish pilot again finshed P2 and tries to stay connected to the Austrian leader with a gap of 14 points after both Monza races.

Florian Schnitzenbaumer (GER), still P3 in race 1, could manage to leave the first chicane after the rolling start on his starting position P3 and got later on confused by a marshal signal with his number on. He had the impression, that a stop and go penalty was declared and entered the pit lane. Unfortunately the signal was not ment for him, so he left the pit lane again but lost quiet a lot of positions and ended up finishing on P7. Overall still a very successful weekend for him as he climbed up on the series ranking from P5 to P3.


His Top Speed team mate Wolfgang Jaksch (GER) was able to leave the mishap from race 1 behind and he showed a very brave and exciting race catching up from starting position 14 to finally P5! He earned enough points this weekend to elevate from P7 to P5 in the current championship ranking.

Veronika Cicha (CZE), the female power of BOSS GP, seems to be the consistency in person. She finished also race 6 of her still young career in a GP2 formula car and gained three positions in the second Monza race. She passed the checkered flag on P9 overall and climbed on overall P7 leaving already 11 male pilots behind her in the current ranking. Her development in this male-dominated series is astonishing and we can definitely expect further improvement in the upcoming races.


Probably the most unlucky driver this weekend was Armando Mangini, the Italian hometown boy. After finishing race 1 on Saturday in 5th place, he threw away his second race on P3 as he spun out towards the end of the race in the second chicane and was not able to restart the car. The same misfortune overtook Jens Renstrup (DEN), who lost control over his GP2 in the ‘Parabolica’. Luckily he could manage to go back on track and got still classified on P9.

A surprising performance was given by the Dutch driver Henk de Boer. He could convince the crowd already in race 1 with a steady 6th place and he even improved this result in race 2 with an outstanding and faultless race finishing 4th. Another consistent effort was shown by the Swiss driver Christian Eicke. He gained overall 19 points this weekend and demonstrated his best personal achievement in this season so far.


The MASTERS class in Monza was dominated by the German experienced player Hans Laub. He was simply invincible this weekend and won both races without any doubts. Karl-Heinz Becker (GER), his closest rival for the Championship, on Saturday still on P4 climbed on the podium in race 2 finishing 2nd, Walter Steding earned another podium spot on the Sunday race with P3. The classement was completed by Wolfgang Jordan (GER) on P4, Philippe Haezebrouck (FRA) on P5 and Martin Kindler (SUI) on P6.

Stay tuned for the next BOSS GP race weekend!! The races will take place in Zolder/Belgium on the occasion of the spectacular Syntix Superprix event, June 21st!

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