Start list for Zandvoorts “Jumbo Race Festival by Max Verstappen” is set
May 16, 2017

Step 2 of  the BOSS GP Championship season 2017 this weekend (20.-21./05.2017) is coming closer. The start list for the motorsport event in the Netherlands is now set. 

As known BOSS GP is runing an OPEN class and a FORMULA class. Formula 1 and Champ Cars will battle for Championship points in the OPEN class, while GP2, Superleague Formula, Auto GP and World Series by Renault will fight for podium places in the FORMULA class.

Reigning Champion and current leader of the OPEN class, Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed), wont race the track in Zandvoort, as well as Klaas Zwart, due to technical reasons. But nevertheless spectators can look to an exciting duel on the track, since Marijn van Kalmthout, driver with a long history with BOSS GP and returning after a break of racing, and his son Rinus van Kalmthout, with his first race ever at BOSS GP will be on track in the OPEN class. Rinus van Kalmthout is well known as one of the greatest up-coming race talents in the Netherlands. So his entry race at the BOSS GP championship will be without a doubt an exciting issue to watch out for.

Start-No. Name Team Nat. Make
11 Rinus van Kalmthout Mansell Motorsport NED Dallara
12 Marijn van Kalmthout Mansell Motorsport NED Benetton B197

Eleven drivers will compete in the FORMULA class. Current leader of the class, Johann Ledermair, will be on track, hunting for the next podiums. So this is what the starting field for the FORMULA class in Zandvoort 2017 looks like:

Start-No. Name Team Nat. Make
101 Peter Göllner Speed Center SUI Dallara
111 ‘PETER’ Easy Formula FRA Dallara
115 Mahaveer Raghunathan Coloni Motorsport IND Lola
129 Marc Fagionatto Zig Zag MC Dallara
136 Henk de Boer De Boer Manx NED Dallara
323 Armando Mangini MM International Motorsport ITA Lola
411 Karl-Heinz Becker Becker Motorsport GER Dallara
444 Johann Ledermair Ledermair Motorsport AUT Dallara
555 Christian Eicke Speed Center SUI Dallara
888 Florian Schnitzenbaumer Top Speed GER Dallara
999 Salvatore De Plano MM International Motorsport ITA Dallara

Tens of thousands of motorsport enthusiasts are exptected for the “Jumbo Racedagen” in Zandvoort. BOSS GP will be part of this huge motorsport experience at the track about 30 km in the west of the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

BOSS GP will compete at seven different European venues in 2017, holding 14 races in total. Hockenheim in April meant kick off for the season, Zandvoort will see race 3 and 4 of the BOSS GP season. The followings tracks are Paul Picard (FRA), Zolder (BEL), Assen (NED), Brno (CZE) and Imola (ITA).


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