Report: Race 1 Hockenheim
April 21, 2018

This race was not boring, perhaps even a bit too spectacular: Ingo Gerstl wins the open class as expected, Florian Schnitzenbaumer becomes first FORMULA driver despite an accident with de Plano.

The chronology of the race:

Pre-start: Interruptions during the long day at Hockenheim Historic lead to a delayed start of the BOSS GP.

Shortly after 5:30 pm – more than half an hour later than planned – BOSS GP starts the first race of the weekend: The Pirelli Safety Car led the field to a flying start. Thomas Jakoubek was missing, the Austrian had a braking problem in qualifying, he withdrew from the first race of the weekend.

Florian Schnitzenbaumer (second in FORMULA starting grid behind Salvatore de Plano) could not get away at first, but he was able to get back in position in time before the flying start.

Manfred Loach had to park his Dallara GP2 after only a few hundred metres, after an accident in qualifying he would only have started from 13 – also his place remained empty at the start, the oil temperature in the Top Speed car was too high.

Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) and Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing) took the lead.

Schnitzenbaumer overtook de Plano, who countered, but the German finally passed him in the Mercedes Arena.

Peter Göllner (Speed Center) spun at the beginning of turn 1, but the Swiss could continue.

From 16th on the grid Andreas Fiedler (Fiedler Racing) really made meters in his green GP2, after three laps he was already seventh, behind debutant Bianca Steiner.

Only a short time later Steiner turned on the same spot as Fiedler, and she was also able to resume her journey at the very end of the field.

Leading drivers Gerstl and Stratford drove the same lap times in the first third of the race. Gerstl announced after qualifying that he would “slow down a bit”.

Lap 4: Two cars, “Piter” and Karl-Heinz Becker, stand independently of each other in the hairpin. “Piter” after a spin, Becker for technical infirmity. “Piter” could drive on, Becker had to stop his home race – the consequence: SAFETY CAR

Right before the Safety Car Veronika Cicha moved up to 8th place, the Czech GP2 pilot started from 14.

Start frei für die neue Saison der BOSS GP

Green flag for the new BOSS GP season


RESTART in turn 6: Gerstl-Stratford, Schnitzenbaumer-de Plano and Mangini-Fiedler are the battle groups at the front.

Three minutes before the end, two crashed racing cars: In the Mercedes Arena de Plano’s car stands tattered on the track – the left front wheel bends. The Polesetter is cared for by the medical team and brought to the Medical Center. The latest news says he’s okay.

De Plano had previously collided with Florian Schnitzenbaumer in the fight for victory in class. De Plano tried to pass Schnitzenbaumers Dallara GP2 on the outside during the braking phase, the wheels touched. De Plano jumped over the right rear wheel of Schnitzenbaumer and then came to a stop without barrier impact.

Andreas Fiedler spun into the gravel bed at the entrance of Motodrom, he also got stuck.

Red Flag, no restart. The result will be counted one lap before the Red Flag, full points will be awarded.

The final result is as follows:


  1. Gerstl
  2. Stratford


  1. Schnitzenbaumer
  2. de Plano
  3. Mangini
  4. Fiedler
  5. Cicha
  6. Steding
  7. Eicke
  8. Steiner
  9. Göllner
  10. Kindler

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