OPEN class: Qualifying at “Zolder Superprix” – Zwart leaving the track early
July 15, 2017

Sunny weather after a rainy practice day on Friday made best conditions for the BOSS GP Qualifying at the “Zolder Superprix”on Saturday morning.

Cars went on track at 10:20 a.m., both drivers of the OPEN class improved their lap times from free practice sessions significantly. Klaas Zwart (Team Ascari) was the first one, who entered the track with his Jaguar R5 Cosworth 3.0 V10. The Dutch killed the track with his best lap time in 1:14,408 min in lap four and secured the pole position for the first race of the weekend, being the fastest of the whole start grid at the Qualifying. With this time Zwart was close to the current BOSS GP track record, which is 1:14,089 min. Unfortunately the Dutch had to quit the session early after the fourth lap, due to technical reasons.


Phil Stratford on the track in Zolder 2017.

Phil Stratford on the track in Zolder 2017.


Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing) finished Qualifying as second, impoving his best lap time to 1:19,310 min (1:33,820 min at free practice) and narrowing the gap to Zwart considerably. Being second fastest of the whole grid at Qualifying, Stratford will start from position 2 at the race on afternoon.

Klaas Zwart after Qualifying: “There was a overheating of the engine, so I had to quit. I’m not happy about that.”


Results of the Qualifying at Zolder 2017.

Results of the Qualifying at Zolder 2017.


Since FORMULA and OPEN class race together at the same race, start positions for the race are composed by the overall Qualifying results. Both OPEN class drivers, Klaas Zwart and Phil Stratford, will start from pole position (Zwart) and position 2 (Stratford) and are followed by Raghunathan as fastest FORMULA class driver on position 3 and De Plano (4).

The overall start grid for race 1 is:

Start grid for race 1 at Zolder 2017.

Start grid for race 1 at Zolder 2017.



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