OPEN class: First ever P1 for Phil Stratford in BOSS GPs OPEN class
July 16, 2017

What a crazy race again. As on Saturday finally there was just one driver at the OPEN class finishing the race on the track of Zolder. But – luckily – for Stratford that meant his first ever P1 in his personal five years history of BOSS GP.

Both drivers, who took part at the races in Zolder in the OPEN class, were leading the start grid of the second race of the weekend. Klaas Zwart (NED, Team Ascari) on pole position with his Jaguar R5 Cosworth 3.0 V10, followed by Phil Stratford (USA, Penn Elcom Racing) with his Benetton B197 Judd 4.0 V10 on position 2.

Zwart again was dominant right from the beginning of the race, leading the grid with a significant gap to the second ranked Stratford; despite following a safety car phase for the first three laps after a spin off the track in lap 1 by Wolfgang Jordan (GER, HA Racing, Dallara GP2 Me cachrome 4.0 V8).


Klaas Zwart (r.) leading the grid for the first rounds at race 2 (Zolder 2017).

Klaas Zwart (r.) leading the grid for eight rounds at race 2, before leaving the track due to tyre problems (Zolder 2017).


Due to problems with his front tyres, Zwart had to leave the track in lap 8 and didnt’t return. His best lap time so far was a 1:16,254 min. This record stayed the overall best lap time of the race. So it was Phil Stratford, who took the lead in lap eight and kept it until crossing the finish line in lap 17.

The American was more than pleased after winning the race and didn’t forget, to “thank first of all my amazing team, who did a great job the whole weekend. It was a long night, fixing the problems, which occured during Saturdays race. My team was awesome. Winning the race and my first ever P1 at the BOSS GP wouldn’t have been possible without their effort.” It was no easy race for Stratford anyway: “It was a though start with the safety car in front of us for the first laps, keeping tyre and brake temperatures. But everything worked out well and it was a great race then.” For the first time in his personal BOSS GP history Stratford led the grid, after Zwart stepped out the race: “I remember finishing my very first BOSS GP race in 2012 on P22; I ended up last of the grid. Winning todays race and winning my first ever P1 at BOSS GP is a great feeling and I feel very, very happy. It has been an amazing journey over the last years”, Stratford was smiling widely after the podium ceremony.


Phil Stratford and his team in Zolder 2017.

Phil Stratford and his team in Zolder 2017.


Looking at the overall Championship 2017 ranking of the OPEN class, Stratford moved on to the second rank, equally with Rinus van Kalmthout, both having 69 points. Four season races, three podiums – quite a good season balance so far for the American. Still leading the OPEN class is reigning champion Ingo Gerstl (AUT, Top Speed), who didn’t attend the “Zolder Superprix”. Nevertheless the Austrian has a comfortable advantage with a total of 100 points over the second ranked Stratford and van Kalmthout with their 69 points.

Overall results of race 2 in Zolder 2017:


Results of race in Zolder 2017.



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