FORMULA class: Qualifying in Assen – Ledermair fastest FORMULA driver
August 5, 2017

A start grid of twelve drivers is racing the FORMULA class at the “Gamma Racing Days” in Assen (NED) for season races 9 and 10. The “usual suspects” lead the field of the FORMULA drivers at Qualifying.

Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport), loosing the overall leading position of the FORMULA class while absent in Zolder (BEL) in July a couple of weeks before, obviously is aiming for getting back to the top position of his class. He performed the fastest lap of the FORMULA class field at Qualifying, with 1:25,192 min in his fifth lap with his Dallara GP2, still improving his best lap time from the free practice session (1:25,829).

Ledermair was sharply followed by Salvatore De Plano (MM International Motorsport, Dallara GP2), who performed his best lap in lap 4 with 1:26,731. A gap of only 0,375 min behind De Plano, Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport) was finishing his best lap at Qualifying in 1:27,106 with his Lola Auto GP, improving his lap time from free practice significantly.

So it’s once more the trio of Ledermair, De Plano and Raghunathan leading the FORMULA field of the BOSS GP after Qualifying and starting from the front positions of the start grid.


Qualifying in Assen 2017.


They are followed by Veronika Cicha (H&A Racing), who showed a great Qualifying and finished her best lap in her Dallara GP2 with 1:32,604. Armando Mangini (MM International Motorsport, Dallara GP2), Marc Faggionato (Zig Zag, Dallara GP2), Walter Steding (Inter Europol Competion, Dallara GP2), Peter Göllner (Speed Center, Dallara GP2), Wolfang Jordan (H&A Racing, Dallara GP2) took the next positions, as well as ‘PETER’ (Ray-Ban), who wasn’t lucky at the free practice with his Dallara World Series by Renault, but finished well at the Qualifying, and Christian Eicke (Speed Center, Dallara GP2).

Karl-Heinz Becker left Qualifying already at first lap, due to technical reasons.


These are the results of the Qualifying:

Position No. Name Nat. Team Car Fastest lap (min) In Gap Laps km/h
1 444 Johann Ledermair AUT Ledermair Motorsport Dallara GP2 1:25,192 5 6 192,48
2 999 Salvatore De Plano ITA MM International Motorsport Dallara GP2 1:26,731 4 1,539 5 189,07
3 115 Mahaveer Raghunathan IND PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport Lola Auto GP 1:27,106 5  0,375 6 188,25
4 222 Veronika Cicha CZE H&A Racing Dallara GP2 1:32,604 5  5,498 6 177,08
5 323 Armando Mangini ITA MM International Motorsport Dallara GP2 1:32,920 4 0,316 6 176,47
6 129 Marc Faggionato MC Zig Zag Dallara GP2 1:33,555 4 0,635 6 175,28
7 505 Walter Steding GER Inter Europol Competition Dallara GP2 1:33,615 5  0,060 6 175,16
8 101 Peter Göllner SUI Speed Center Dallara GP2 1:34,152 6 0,537 7 174,17
9 105 Wolfgang Jordan GER H&A Racing Dallara GP2 1:36,181 9 2,029 10 170,49
10 111 ‘PETER’ FRA Ray-Ban Dallara World Series by Renault 1:37,663 4 1,482 6 167,90
11 555 Christian Eicke SUI Speed Center Dallara GP2 1:38,566  4  0,903 9 166,37
12 411 Karl-Heinz Becker GER Becker Motorsport Dallara World Series by Nissan


Since OPEN and FORMULA class have different classifications, but drive together at the same race, the whole start grid of 14 drivers will start at the same race. Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed, OPEN class) once more this season will start from pole position. He is followed by FORMULA class drivers Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport), Salvatore De Plano (MM International Motorsport) and Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport).

This is the starting grid for race 1 at the “Gamma Racing Days”  in Assen 2017:

Start grid of race 1 in Assen 2017.


Picture gallery of Assen 2017:

FORMULA class: Free practice at “Gamma Racing Days” in Assen 2017:

FORMULA class: Start list at “Gamma Racing Days” in Assen 2017:

Standings of season 2017:


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