FORMULA class: De Plano chasing best lap time
September 29, 2017

The second free practice on Friday afternoon (29th of September) brought some changes on top of the field.

Again both BOSS GP classes – OPEN and FORMULA class – went on track together for the practice session. Weather conditions in Imola presented itself at it’s best with 22°, a lot of sun, no clouds and no rain.

Two short red flag phases stopped the second free practice of the day, due to dangerous positions of spun cars on track. When the circuit was released again, Salvatore De Plano (MM International Motorsport) really stepped on the gas, not only chasing the fastest FORMULA lap time this afternoon, but also chasing OPEN class driver Rinus van Kalmthout (Mansell Motorsport). At the end De Plano improved his time from first free practice for more than a second with a 1:30,805 min and performed the fastest of all FORMULA class laps. He was 2,350 sec behind the OPEN class driver van Kalmthout (1:28,455 min).

Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport) showed the second fastest performance of the FORMULA class at the afternoon practice session with a lap time of 1:31,746 min, improving his time from the morning practice session for 0,222 sec. Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed) completed the trio in front of the FORMULA grid with his best lap in 1:32,645 min.

Free practice in Imola 2017.

Free practice in Imola 2017.


Armando Mangini (MM International Motorsport), Martin Kindler (Jenzer Motorsport), Walter Steding (Inter Europol Competition), René Kouwenberg (De Boer Manx), Karl-Heinz Becker (Becker Motorsport) and Nicolas Matile (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport) completed the grid. Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport) went on track as well, but had some time-transponder issues.

Next step of the race weekend is the Qualifying, which will start at 10:05 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Results of second free practice of FORMULA class at “Peroni Race Weekend”:

Position No. Name Nat. Team Car Fastest lap (min) Gap (s) Laps km/h
1 999 Salvatore De Plano ITA MM International Motorsport Dallara GP2 1:30,805 11 294,8
2 115 Mahaveer Raghunathan IND PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport Dallara Lola 1:31,746  0,941 13 277,4
3 888 Florian Schnitzenbaumer GER Top Speed Dallara GP2 1:32,313 1,508 11 293,2
4 323 Armando Mangini ITA MM International Motorsport Dallara GP2 1:36,534 5,729 10 290,8
5 430 Martin Kindler SUI Jenzer Motorsport Nissan World Series 1:38639 7,834 10 266,5
6 505 Walter Steding GER Inter Europol Competition Dallara GP2 1:39,065 8,260 12 291,6
7  139 René Kouwenberg NED De Boer Manx Dallara GP2  1:39,177  8,372  13  283,2
8 411 Karl-Heinz Becker GER Becker Motorsport Super Nissan World Series 1:40,640 9,835 10 276,0
9  116 Nicolas Matile SUI PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport Lola Auto GP 1:42,439 11,634 10 275,3
10 111 ‘PETER’ FRA Ray-Ban World Series by Renault
11 444 Johann Ledermair AUT Ledermair Motorsport Dallara GP2


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