BOSS GP returns to the Royal Park in Monza!
May 19, 2015

Since many years the upcoming BOSS GP race weekend at the famous and legendary F1 track ‚Autodromo Nationale di Monza‘ is on the event calendar of Europe`s fastest FIA approved Formula series. The fast and exciting natural circuit in the midst of Monza with its long straights, hard breaking zones before the chicanes and the long, open turns with extremely high lateral forces serves as the perfect playground for the F1, GP2, F3000 and Renault World Series 3,5l formula cars with it`s powerful engines and the extreme down force capabilities.


All fans will again witness spectacular two races and ongoing positioning fights between the leaders and followers in the three classes the BOSS GP series is divided. Johann Ledermaier (AUT), the current leader of the main classement will try to defeat his top position against his direct pursuer and last years BOSS GP Champion Jakub Smiechowski (POL). Ledermaier is surely high motivated and feels confident to show a good performance after his amazing results at Paul Ricard/Le Castellet. Jakub Smiechowski lies in wait for his chance to win his first race this year.

Some of the new drivers, who joined the series this year, will face the circuit for the first time ever while others are returning pilots with experience. Florian Schnitzenbaumer (GER) is feeling more and more comfortable with his new GP2 and he became faster and faster with every free practice, qualifying and the last two race weekends in Hockenheim and Paul Ricard. His tendency and personal motivation is surely facing towards the podium. Wolfgang Jaksch (GER), the second newcomer in the BOSS GP series had a promising premiere in Hockenheim with starting in both races from the third row and finishing both races on P7. Unfortunately he could not confirm this upward performance at Paul Ricard. The new and unknown track in combination with some technical problems influenced his confidence and he was not able to improve his positions in Le Castellet. For Monza all looks again positive and we will see, how he can handle the situation this weekend with another new track.


The one and only woman in BOSS GP ever, Veronika Cicha (CZE), positively surprised all fans and critics with her performances during the first two race weekends in Germany and France. Coming from the European hill climb scene, where she competed the last 4 years with all the European professionals and finishing last year as the fastest Woman and 9th overall in her class with a Mitsubishi Evo VIII WRC, the adventure BOSS GP with a high powered GP2 formula car brought up some doubtful statements from the observers of the formula racing world. However, already in Hockenheim she put all the scepsis to bed and was fighting in both races within the midfield. She conquered even her first ever experience at the difficult and blind circuit in Le Castellet and again finished both races in the midfield without making any mistake. The entire Team Top Speed is already truely proud and more than happy to have the first woman ever in BOSS GP in their team and we all can expect a highly motivated and focused woman challenging her male opponents again in Monza.

The current leader in the Masters Class, Karl-Heinz Becker (GER) faces again a pole fight with his direct follower Hans Laub (GER) while drivers like Wolfgang Jordan (GER), Martin Kindler (CH), Walter Steding (GER) and particularly Philippe Haezebrouck (FRA), who showed an amazing racing performance in Le Castellet, are looking forward to give the two leaders a hard time.


Ingo Gerstl (AUT) from Team Top Speed, one of the fastest and most experienced BOSS GP pilots, announced, that he is planning for the first time to leave his GP2 in the garage and tries his first roll out in Monza with an original F1 Toro Rosso STR1. The high performance F1 model from the 2006 season was not only the fastest and most powerful spec car ever built, it will furthermore and definitely impress all fans at the spot with its incredible sound, created by a original Cosworth V10 power train.


We are looking forward to another exciting, fascinating, thrilling and in the same time safe and sound racing weekend with the real and pure racing performance of BOSS GP!

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