BOSS GP presents a sensational 30 car grid in Monza
July 1, 2016

zele-racing-lola-b05-52-zytek-2013--von-gruenigen-39900 This weekend, BOSS GP is visiting one of the most famous race tracks in Europe and in doing so, has gathered the largest grid ever.

A total of 30 drivers will compete in the third round of this year’s championship, which is held at the notorious Autodromo Nazionale in Monza, Italy. And the heat is on in both BOSS GP categories!

In the OPEN class, standings leader Ingo Gerstl wants to keep up his winning streak and extend his points gap. However, his main rival, Dutchman Klaas Zwart is all out on attack trying to make up lost ground. Behind the pair, Bernd Herndlhofer is ready to seize his chance for Silverware, should they make a mistake. Frits van Erd makes his comeback, while rookie Lance David Arnold wants to make a mark.

An even tighter battle can be expected in the FORMULA class, where no less than 23 cars will race for victory. Christopher Brenier is the man to beat. While class runner-up Philippe Haezebrouck is sidelined, other drivers – including Walter Steding, Peter Göllner, Armando Mangini or Wolfgang Jaksch – want to close in on the leader.

In Monza, the FORMULA class will be spiced up with young racing talents like GP3 driver Chris Höher, F3 man Mahaveer Raghunathan or AutoGP aces Luis Dörrbecker and Christof von Grünigen.

Following the recent test sessions at the Nürburgring, we may expect changes in the pecking order. Different to the Eifel track, the weather in Monza will be sunny and hot.

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