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Practice day at Paul Ricard – Ingo Gerstl is back on track, and on top of the grid

Practice 2 at Paul Ricard 2017.

Blue sky and 25° – Le Castellet obviously wants the best for BOSS GP. Fitting to great weather in southern France, the BOSS GP teams had an practice day, which mostly run according to the plan. 

“Both training sessions went well with the exception of some technical problems of the Dallara from Karl-Heinz Becker”, race-coordinator Christian Gänse was satisfied with the performance on practice day.

Fastest drivers on track – the “usual suspects”. First practice session was led by Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) in his Toro Rosso STR1 (OPEN class) with a best lap-time of 1:48.490 min on the 5.842 km long track. He was followed by teammate Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed), who got a best lap-time of 1:56.394 min in his Dallara (FORMULA class). Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport) in his Lola (FORMULA class) sharply behind (1:57.001 min) and Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport) in his Dallara (FORMULA class) as well sharply behind (1:58.614 min) also remained under the two-minutes-mark.

Detailed result of first practice session:

Results first practice session Paul Ricard 2017.

Results first practice session Paul Ricard 2017.


Best conditions on the track as well at the second practice of the day on early afternoon. While the grid was lead again by Ingo Gerstl, who improved his best lap up to 1:47.292 min, Rinus van Kalmthout (Mansell Motorsport, OPEN class) sneaked up and showed his best lap in 1:50.726 min, which made him the second best ranked driver of the session. Johann Ledermair, current leader of the FORMULA class overall ranking, improved his best lap significantly as well with 1:52.722 min and made it into the “Top 3” of the second practice session.

With Mahaveer Raghunathan (1:54.383 min), Florian Schnitzenbaumer (1:55.229 min), Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing Team, OPEN class, 1:56.343 min), David Moretti (Griffith’s, FORMULA class, 1:57.912 min), Salvatore De Plano (MM International Motorsport, FORMULA class, 1:58.297 min) and Henk de Boer (De Boer Manx, FORMULA class, 1:59.297 min) nine drivers made it to a < 2 minutes lap. A promising kick-off for a fast race weekend in Le Castellet.

Detailed result of second practice session:

Results second practice session Paul Ricard 2017.

Results second practice session Paul Ricard 2017.


Detailed results I: Results first practice session Paul Ricard 2017.

Detailed results II: Results second practice session Paul Ricard 2017.

Start list for races at Paul Ricard in Le Castellet is set

On Track in Zandvoort.

Third station of  the BOSS GP Championship season 2017 this weekend (10.-11./06.2017) is around the corner. The start list for the races in France is now set. 

Host for season races 5 and 6 is the “GT Open & Euroformula Open” at the French Circuit “Paul Ricard” in Le Castellet. Last time, BOSS GP teams were racing at this track, was at the “FFSA Historic Tour” in May 2015. So drivers and crews will be back on the track, which will host a “Grand Prix of France” at the Formula 1 in 2018, ten years after the last F1-race in France was held.

14 drivers will compete in the FORMULA class this weekend. Current leader of the class, Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport, picture), will be on track again, hunting for the next podiums, as well as the second of the ranking, Mahaveer Raghunathan (Coloni Motorsport), and the third, Salvatore de Plano (MM International Motorsport). Since Veronika Cicha will race at Paul Ricard again, the races will have a female participant again for the second time this season. Well, this is the grid for the FORMULA class in Le Castellet, Paul Ricard, 2017:

Start-No. Name Team Nat. Make Type
101 Peter Göllner Speed Center SUI Dallara GP2
105 Wolfgang Jordan H&A Racing GER Dallara GP2
115 Mahaveer Raghunathan PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport IND Lola Auto GP
127 Bruno Navarrete Griffith’s FRA Dallara GP2
136 Henk de Boer De Boer Manx NED Dallara GP2
150 David Moretti Griffith’s FRA Dallara GP2
222 Veronika Cicha H&A Racing CZE Dallara GP2
323 Armando Mangini MM International Motorsport ITA Dallara GP2
411 Karl-Heinz Becker Becker Motorsport GER Dallara World Series by Nissan
430 Martin Kindler Jenzer Motorsport SUI Dallara World Series by Nissan
444 Johann Ledermair Ledermair Motorsport AUT Dallara GP2
555 Christian Eicke Speed Center SUI Dallara GP2
888 Florian Schnitzenbaumer Top Speed GER Dallara GP2
999 Salvatore De Plano MM International Motorsport ITA Dallara GP2

Reigning Champion and current leader of the OPEN class, Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed), will be back on track in Le Castellet as well as Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing Team), who didn’t race in Zandvoort either. Also Rinus van Kalmtouth (Mansell Motorsport), who made his BOSS GP debut in Zandvoort three weeks ago, will start at Paul Ricard. The French Patrick D’Aubreby (Griffith’s) will run his first race of the BOSS GP championship 2017 on his “home track”.

Start-No. Name Team Nat. Make Type
1 Ingo Gerstl Top Speed AUT Toro Rosso STR1 F1
11 Rinus van Kalmthout Mansell Motorsport NED Dallara GP2 Evo
19 Patrick D’Aubreby Griffith’s FRA AGS JH23 F1
26 Wolfgang Jaksch F Xtreme Racing Team GER Super Aguri SA06 F1


BOSS GP will compete at seven different European venues in 2017, holding 14 races in total. Hockenheim in April and Zandvoort in May are done. Paul Picard (FRA) will set season races 5 and 6. Remaining tracks are Zolder (BEL), Assen (NED), Brno (CZE) and Imola (ITA).


Find detailed statistics of current standings here: bossgp.com/standings/

All data about the last BOSS GP race at the Circuit Paul Ricard (05/2015) you find here: bossgp.com/race/historacing-tour-paul-ricard/

Find all informations about the Circuit “Paul Ricard” on this website: www.circuitpaulricard.com

Registration for Paul Ricard (FRA) ends on 1st of June

Zandvoort 2017, season race 4.

BOSS GPs crews had an amazing race-weekend in Zandvoort at the “Jumbo Racedagen by Max Verstappen” a couple of days ago. All eyes are now set on the next station of the 2017 championship. Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet (France) and the “GT Open & Euroformula OPEN” will be the host for season races 5 and 6 for BOSS GPs drivers. The event will take place from 9th to 11th of June 2017, registration for the races is open until 1st of June 2017.

Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, located in South-France, about 40 km to the east of Marseille, was host for lots of sensational Formula 1 races in the years 1971 until 1990. In December 2016 the comeback of the “Grand Prix de France” on Paul Ricard in 2018 was announced. It will be the first F1 race in France after ten years of absence.

“Paul Ricard is a great opportunity for all BOSS GP teams, to make the asphalt melting a year before the Formula returns to that great circuit”, is BOSS GP race-coordinator Christian Gänse looking forward to a stunning race-weekend in South France from 9th to 11th of June. BOSS GP season race 5 is scheduled for Saturday (10/06/2017), race 6 for Sunday (11/06/2017). The overall weekend hosts the “GT Open & Euroformula OPEN”, showing e.g. the European F3 Open and the International GT Open as well.

Driver registration for the races on Paul Ricard in Le Castellet is currently going on and will end this Thursday, 1st of June 2017. Registration can be done online on this link: bossgp.com/registration/paul-ricard-2017/.

Le Castellet is the third stop of the Championship 2017 season. Seven races all over Europe with stations in Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and Italy will make up the complete 2017 BOSS GP Championship season. Four races of the season are done so far. Currently leading the OPEN class is Ingo Gerstl (AUT, Team Top Speed) with 50 points, the FORMULA class is led by Johann Ledermair (AUT, Ledermair Motorsport) with 97 points. Latest results can be found on our website here: bossgp.com/standings/, details overview about the races done until now can be found here: bossgp.com/races/.

The BOSS GP team as well as fans and spectators look forward to an exciting starting grid on the track of Paul Ricard in Le Castellet!