Hans Laub defends MASTERS Champion Title

Gary Hauser celebrates victory

Hans Laub defends MASTERS Champion Title
It was not the most successful race weekend of Hans Laub’s career, but it was definitely his most successful season. In the end, position four (MASTERS) in both races was enough to defend his BOSSGP MASTERS Champion title one race before the season finale in Paul Ricard.

Hans Laub and Teamchef Lehmann

Another double victory in the MASTERS Class of his closest pursuer Karl-Heinz Becker in front of Wolfgang Jordan and Martin Kindler (Race 1) and Walter Steding and Martin Kindler (Race 2) was not enough to take the title from Laub.


Worst and best race for Gary Hauser
Hauser’s visit to Imola started rough. With only position six in the qualifying and a disqualification after Race 1 for not clearing the starting field in time, he had no choice but watch his closest championship rivals Jakub Smiechowski on position 1 and Johann Ledermair on position 2 to extend their lead in the championship (Hausers Teammember Phil Stratford finished third). As result of the disqualification Hauser had to start from the last position in Race 2, where he managed to do something the most race pilots can only dream of. Over the duration of 17 Laps he was able to overtake all other pilots on the track and secure the first place in front of Smiechowski and Ledermair, which he overtook in round 17 and 14.

Gary Hauser celebrates victory

Nevertheless, with a 34 point deficit in the OPEN Class and 50 points in the MASTERS Class behind Ledermair, his chances to defend his Champion titles with one grand prix left are only minimal.


Ingo Gerstl and Klaas Zwart unlucky
The weekend could have gone completely different if Klaas Zwart and Ingo Gerstl had a little more luck on their sides. Especially Zwart was disappointed, who was the fastest driver on the track by a long shot, at least up to the qualifying. The dutchmen secured the pole position in his Jaguar R5 F1 with a 6,061s lead in front of Gerstl, but hit the curbs and took a trip to the gravel. As a result his front axle broke and could not be fixed in time for the race.

Ingo Gerstl leading the field

Gerstl on the other hand was already on his way to a start to finish victory in race one, when his gearbox broke down in the second last lap and he had to bury his winning hopes.



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Ingo Gerstl and Karl Heinz Becker are the rain kings of Brno

The BOSS GP has finally arrived in the Czech republic. The legendary 5,4 km long MotoGP Track “masarykuv okruh” in Brno showed a rather cold a rainy shoulder, but that did not prevent the BOSS GP pilots from delivering a spectacular show for the local audience. Especially FORMULA Class Pilot Ingo Gerstl and MASTERS Class Pilot Karl-Heinz Becker showed of an exceptional performance under these rainy conditions by securing the top position in their classes in both races.

Ingo Gerstl on his way to the pole position

Ingo Gerstl on his way to the pole position

With a time of 02:07.522s in the Qualifying, 02.746s ahead of the second fastest pilot Johann Ledermair, Gerstl made clear that he is the one to beat on this weekend.

With a better start in the first race Ledermair was able to take the leading position for a short time, but could not handle the wet track and in the end he had to be content with the fifth place. Current Champion Gary Hauser who started from the fourth position was able to fight his way up to the second position in front of Jakub Smiechowski who finished third, but ultimately couldn’t keep up with Gerstl who secured the first victory of the weekend with a massive lead of 21.121s.

Jakub Smiechowski and Marijn van Kalmthout fighting for position 4

Jakub Smiechowski and Marijn van Kalmthout fighting for position 4

In the second race Hauser was able to lead the first few laps, but finally shared the fate of Johann Ledermair and had to give up the top spot to Ingo Gerstl. In the end Gerstl secured his second victory in front of Gary Hauser and Jakub Smiechowski.

Karl-Heinz Becker showed a similarly dominating performance in the MASTERS Class where he won both races in front of current MASTERS Class leader Hans Laub, with Peter Göllner on position three in race one and Christian Eicke on position three in race two.

Karl Heinz Becker celebrates victory

Karl Heinz Becker celebrates victory

The next BOSS GP event will take place on October 4th/5th in Imola, hopefully with better weather.

See you in Italy!




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Zandvoort: Return of the Dutchmen

On the 5th and 6th of July it was once again time for the annual rain battle of Zandvoort.
Marijn van Kalmthout and Klaas Zwart took this chance to prove that they are still part of the top BOSS GP pilots, despite lack of track time this season.



Rain Chaos in Zandvoort

In a chaotic qualifying session with multiple red and yellow flags, van Kalmthout and Zwart finished on position two (1:58.232) and three (2:00.913) behind Johann Ledermair who secured his first ever BOSS GP pole position (1:57.845).
The fastest MASTERS class driver was Karl-Heinz-Becker on position six (2:06.824), who is finally back after missing the last two Grand Prix’s due to technical difficulties, in front of Jens Renstrup (2:07.303) and MASTERS class leader Hans Laub (2:07.654).


Kalmthout, Smiechowski and Ledermair fighting for the top spot

Kalmthout, Smiechowski and Ledermair fighting for the top spot

Race 1 saw a exciting battle until the last lap between van Kalmthout, Ledermair and Smiechowski foughting a thrilling fight for the top three podium positions with multiple overtaking manoeuvres and position changes.
Zwart, who gambled and decided to start the race on rain tyres had no choice but to take a pit stop already in lap one, changed his tyres and drop back to position 11. Still he was able to fight his way back to the third position behind van Kalmthout who took the first victory of the weekend and Smiechowski with a fantastic second place while Ledermair was out from the podium spots after a very hard crash in leading position in the last lap. In the MASTERS class Hans Laub was once again victorious in front of Henry Büttner and Karl Heinz Becker.


Klaas Zwart wins the second race

Klaas Zwart wins the second race

The second race started in a complete opposite way for van Kalmthout. Due to technical difficulties he was not able to start into the warm-up lap and had to enter the race from the pit. On the other hand, the second Dutchmen on the field Klaas Zwart and Ledermair Motorsport Pilot Johann Ledermair took their chances and overtook Jakub Smiechkowski, who had this time a weak start. The rest of the second race was more or less static with constant driving performances and nearly no mistakes. Therefore the top three positions did not change at all and so Zwart won the second race of the weekend in front of Ledermair and Smiechkowski. Van Kalmthout finally finished on position seven.


Team Speed Center

Team Speed Center

In race two the MASTERS Class was dominated by team Speed Center whose drivers took the three top spots, Hans Laub on the first, Christian Eicke on the second and Peter Göllner on the third position. Karl-Heinz Becker leading the MASTERS class until the last lap collided with Klaas Zwart during a safety-car period and couldn’t finish the race but could once again showing his very experienced driving skills with leading his class until this little crash.
Another very big crash of Inter Europol GP2 driver Jens Renstrup at the end of race 2 had more lucky ending than it seemed at first when the medical rescue team was going out on the track. After a complete check in the local hospital Renstrup could make his way back home with still some pain but in a good condition and with a smile on his face.


Zandvoort Grid Girls

Zandvoort Grid Girls

After a great team work for nearly the whole night Johann Ledermair could come back in race two to secure the second podium spot behind Klaas Zwart which also brought him the needed Championship points to take over the ‘Overall’ but also the ‘Formula’ class lead from Gary Hauser.

With a impressive time of 1:22.849min Klaas Zwart set in race two a new official lap record for the circuit of Zandvoort!

Next race: 13/14 September – Masaryk Racing Days – Automotodrom Brno (CZ)



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Monza: Gary Hauser takes the lead in the BOSS GP Championship

The BOSS GP is back from its annual Grand Prix on the legendary „Autodromo di Monza“ in Italy. This year’s organizer had something special in his sleeves for fans of  80s and 90s music. On Friday evening Superstars like David Hasselhoff, Rick Astley, 2Unlimited and more put hundreds of visitors in a good mood.


But nevertheless the race event was the center of the focus. With temperatures of over 35 °C this years Grand Prix was an extreme challenge for the pilots as well as for the cars.

Once again it was Gary Hauser and his team Racing Experience who did best under the given circumstances. But the first race started with a moment of shock for the young Luxembourger and could have been nearly over in the first turn when Peter Milavec who started from position four overtook Ingo Gerstl and Jakub Smiechowski and caused a collision while trying to take the top position from Hauser. Milavec’s success was of short duration, one lap later he had to give up the race due to technical difficulties.


The following laps Ingo Gerstl was heavily attacking Hauser. One lap before the end he finally managed to overtake him, only to give up the top position again in the final lap.

At the end of race one Gerstl finished second behind Gary Hauser and in front of Johann Ledermair on position three.

In the MASTERS Class Walter Steding secured his first victory of the weekend in front of Armando Mangini and Christian Eicke, after Hans Laub made a mistake, stuck in the gravel trap and retired from the race.


In Race two Gerstl had to fight with technical difficulties and so Gary Hauser was able to secure his sixth victory in his sixth race of the season in front of Gerstl. Jakub Smiechowski who dropped out from race one crossed the finish line with a failing engine on position three.

A way more intense battle was raging between Walter Steding and Hans Laub, who fought for the top position in the MASTERS Class. Although Laub drove the faster pace, Steding was able to defend his top position and secure his second victory in front of the two Speed Center pilots Hans Laub and Wolfgang Jordan.


For former Championship leader Bernd Herndlhofer the Grand Prix Monza was less successful, with an overheating engine in race one and a trip into the gravel in race two, Herndlhofer had to go home with zero points.



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Ingo Gerstl reclaims lost ground on the Red Bull Ring

The  weather god is obviously a motorsports fan. While the rest of Austria was drowned in water and storm, the small city of Spielberg, home of the Red Bull Ring, was mostly spared. The stage was set for a perfect motorsport weekend and the BOSS GP pilots delivered.

Red Bull Ring

Once again Gary Hauser delivered an exceptional performance in his Dallara GP2, but this time BOSS GP Veteran Ingo Gerstl was ready to put up a fight and pushed him hard. Gerstl, who had to fight with technical difficulties in Hockenheim and Mugello is finally back. In both races he fought a thrilling battle with Gary Hauser for the top position. At the end of race one only 0,546 seconds separated him from the top spot. His countrymen Peter Milavec (+19.938s) and Bernd Herndlhofer (+28.136s) followed on position three and four.

Mad Croc driver Ingo Gerstl

Mad Croc driver Ingo Gerstl

Race two showed a similar picture until three laps before the end, when Gerstl lost control of his car, spun and had to give up the hope for his first victory of the season. Bernd Herndlhofer saw his chance and took place two (+8.044) behind Gary Hauser on position one and in front of Ingo Gerstl who still finished third (+17.015).

In the end the Mad-Croc driver Ingo Gerstl was still happy with the overall result, especially with the fact that he drove the fastest lap in both races. (race one: 1:18.015, race two: 1:17.094)

In the MASTERS class Hans Laub was able to expand his lead over Karl Heinz Becker, who was not able to participate after an engine failure in the free practice.

Walter Steding wins his first BOSS GP race

Walter Steding wins his first BOSS GP race

A special congratulation goes to Walter Steding who secured the third place in race one, behind Hans Laub and Peter Göllner and even won his first BOSS GP race (race two) in the MASTERS class in front of Hans Laub and Armando Mangini. Armando Mangini also won both extra trophies for the best MASTERS class 3.0l pilot at this weekend.

Marc Faggionato is unharmed after this spectacular crash

Marc Faggionato is unharmed after this spectacular crash

Team Signature driver Marc Faggionato caused a moment of shock in the last lap of race two when crashed hard into a barricade only metres before the finish line, but luckily he was not harmed in this accident.


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Gary Hauser dominates race weekend in Mugello

Pole Position, 2 wins and a new official lap record, that’s the résumé of Gary Hauser’s race weekend in Mugello. Last years champion started his personal season opener with a sensational time of 1:33.404 in the qualifying, what secured him the pole position.

However the first race started pretty rough for the young Luxembourger. A weak start enabled his pursuers, Ingo Gerstl, Johann Ledermair and Bernd Herndlhofer to take three positions from him. In the end no one was able to keep up with Gary Hauser’s speed and so he still finished first. On top of that he was able to break the official track record with a time of 1:34.316 min.

The second race went even better, where Hauser defended the top spot from start to finish, with an overwhelming lead of over 26 seconds in front of Jakub Smiechowski (2nd) and Bernd Herndlhofer (3rd).

Equally well went the weekend for Karl-Heinz Becker who took the first spot in the MASTERS Class in both races in front of the Speed Center pilots Hans Laub (2nd) and Christian Eicke (3rd).



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Bernd Herndlhofer wins season opener in Hockenheim

The BOSS GP and many of its motorsports veterans like Klaas Zwart, Ingo Gerstl and Peter Milavec are back for another nerve-racking and exciting season of first class motorsports. Like already 8 years now the season opener took place on the Hockenheim GP Circuit in front of 20.000 excited spectators.

But it was not one of the BOSS GP veterans who was able to secure the first victory of the year, instead it was last years newcomer Jakub Smiechowski, who took the lead over from Bernd Herndlhofer in the last lap of race one. For a long time it looked like a nearly perfect weekend for Jakub Smiechowski, who was on its way to a second place in race two behind Klaas Zwart, and thus an overall victory of this weekends event. But only two laps to go a break failure forced him to abandon the second race.

In the end the overall winner of the 2014 BOSS GP Championship opening event is called Bernd Herndlhofer and his team “H & A Racing”, who brought the most consistent performance to the table with two second places and one class win.

Another honourable mention goes to MASTERS class driver Karl Heinz Becker, who just celebrated his 70th birthday, what did not stop him to drive his all time personal Hockenheim lap record of 1:34.524s.

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