Bernd Herndlhofer wins season opener in Hockenheim
April 15, 2014

The BOSS GP and many of its motorsports veterans like Klaas Zwart, Ingo Gerstl and Peter Milavec are back for another nerve-racking and exciting season of first class motorsports. Like already 8 years now the season opener took place on the Hockenheim GP Circuit in front of 20.000 excited spectators.

But it was not one of the BOSS GP veterans who was able to secure the first victory of the year, instead it was last years newcomer Jakub Smiechowski, who took the lead over from Bernd Herndlhofer in the last lap of race one. For a long time it looked like a nearly perfect weekend for Jakub Smiechowski, who was on its way to a second place in race two behind Klaas Zwart, and thus an overall victory of this weekends event. But only two laps to go a break failure forced him to abandon the second race.

In the end the overall winner of the 2014 BOSS GP Championship opening event is called Bernd Herndlhofer and his team “H & A Racing”, who brought the most consistent performance to the table with two second places and one class win.

Another honourable mention goes to MASTERS class driver Karl Heinz Becker, who just celebrated his 70th birthday, what did not stop him to drive his all time personal Hockenheim lap record of 1:34.524s.

See the complete results on the event page: Hockenheim Historic Results

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