Mois : avril 2024

BOSS GP continues partnership with Pirelli

Pirelli will remain the exclusive tyre supplier of the BOSS GP in 2024.

The Italian tyre manufacturer offers a unique product for the participants of the BOSS GP: Formula 1 technology combined with easier handling when warming up the tyres. Together with the Hollerweger tyre service, this partnership guarantees a reliable supply of the « black gold » throughout the season.

Photo: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP

30 years of putting the pedal to the metal

The BOSS GP Racing Series remains unstoppable in 2024: 30 years after its foundation, twelve races across Europe are scheduled.

Whether Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3000, World Series or IndyCars from the USA and Formula Nippon from Japan – BOSS GP remains the platform for races with the best racing cars of the last three decades. For 30 years now, the FIA-certified BOSS GP Racing Series has been offering drivers and fans an unrivalled racing experience: open-wheel single-seater cars form the top of the motorsport pyramid. Divided into four classes, ladies, gentlemen and youngsters compete for trophies and championship points, without forgetting the immense emotional and financial value of these cars.

Priority for fans In the BOSS GP F1 Class, Formula 1 cars built from 1996 onwards can be seen and heard. Depending on the number of starters, they are given their own flying start ahead of the rest of the field. The OPEN class is open to IndyCars and cars such as the Rodin FZED or Lotus T125. Formula 2, World Series, A1 GP & Co. meet in the FORMULA class, while the SUPER LIGHTS category is reserved for six-cylinder cars such as the Formula 3000. All together, they offer action-packed, fast and vocal motorsport at its best, which is unrivalled in this form in the global motorsport universe. This is also reflected in the spectator numbers, with 200,000 fans attending the BOSS GP Racing Series events last year. With fair ticket prices, an open paddock, autograph sessions and grid walks, the events of the BOSS GP Racing Series inspire fans of all ages.

Important information for teams and drivers
There is no season registration for the 2024 season. Registration is therefore very simple: an application must be submitted at least three weeks before the respective race weekend. The form can be downloaded at Interested parties can contact for any help.

Photo: Angelo Poletto