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Review: Nürburgring 2024

Three weeks after the season opener in Hockenheim, the BOSS GP Racing Series resumed its season at the Nürburgring. Among other things, there was a thrilling duel for FORMULA victory and Pizzonia’s record-breaking drive.

The return to the legendary circuit in the Eifel offered drivers and fans plenty of excitement and thrilling motorsport. This time, the Grand Prix circuit with the smoother motorbike version in the Veedol-S was used. Rock concerts, a huge firework’s display on Saturday evening and an illuminated Ferris wheel in the paddock attracted thousands of visitors to the Nürburgring Classics just one week before the 24-hour race. At the Grid Walk before the BOSS GP races, many fans were able to get up close to the cars.

F1 and OPEN

F1 driver Ulf Ehninger (GER, ESBA-Racing) and OPEN driver Antonio Pizzonia (BRA, HS Engineering) scored maximum points for the championship twice. Ehninger enriched the event with his Benetton B197, which had already competed here at the Grand Prix of Luxembourg in 1997. ESBA-Racing also put Alexander Wurz’s 1998 Benetton on display.

Benetton’s 1998 (le.) and 1997 (ri.) F1 cars

Pizzonia caused a sensation with an outstanding qualifying lap in the World Series 4.5: With a time of 1:38.135 min, the ex-Formula 1 driver set a new lap record for non-Formula 1 cars, once again living up to the reputation of Europe’s fastest racing series.

Antonio Pizzonia on the way to his record lap


The FORMULA category, which this time featured exclusively GP2 cars, was hotly contested. Reigning champion Simone Colombo (ITA, MM International) won both races, but was under a lot of pressure, especially in the second race. Japanese driver Juju Noda (MM International) tried to pass her team-mate several times. The two top drivers showed each other no mercy and were side by side several times, especially in the first corner. However, Noda overshot the braking point on another overtaking attempt and subsequently spun.

The fact that she was able to compete at all is thanks to the spirit of solidarity within the BOSS GP family. After an engine failure on Friday, the neighbouring team Scuderia Palladio provided a spare car shortly before qualifying. She thanked them with third place in the first race.

Marco Ghiotto from team Scuderia Palladio (li.) helped out Juju Noda (re.)

Meanwhile, everything is going according to plan for Simone Colombo. After three wins in a row, he is leading the overall standings by nine points from Marco Ghiotto (ITA, Scuderia Palladio), who also had a successful weekend with second and third place. Michael Fischer made a strong debut with 4th place in the first race. In the second race, the Austrian with monoposto and GT experience was able to improve once again and celebrated second place behind Colombo. The best German in the races turned out to be Alexander Seibold (Seibold auto + sport) in both races.

Great racing in the SUPER LIGHTS category


Stefan Scho (GER, Scho) celebrated a perfect debut. In his first appearance in the BOSS GP Racing Series, the experienced German in the Lola Formula 3000 was able to prevail against the increasingly strong competition in terms of quantity and quality in the SUPER LIGHTS and clinch victory twice. Swiss driver Stephan Glaser (Jo Zeller Racing) in the World Series car, who scored good points again with second place in the first race, retains the lead in the standings. Henry Clausnitzer (GER, WF Racing) also remains consistent, finishing third twice. Stefan Eisinger-Sewald (AUT, Red Rose Racing) also finished on the podium in his Formula 3000. Once again, it became evident how diverse this still young class is this year.

The next two races in the BOSS GP Racing Series will take place at the Red Bull Ring Classics from 7 to 9 June 2024.

Photos: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP

Local heroes: Henry Clausnitzer

Henry Clausnitzer (36) from Brandenburg in Germany won the championship title in the SUPER LIGHTS class in 2023. We take a look at his career path leading up to the BOSS GP Racing Series.

How did your motorsport career start?

HENRY CLAUSNITZER: « I actually had a typical motorsport career: I started out in karting and raced in the East German Karting Championship at the age of eight. I stayed in karting between 1996 and 2003 and eventually became the East German runner-up. In 2003, at the age of 15, I became the youngest participant in the Austrian Formula Ford. Between 2003 and 2007 I raced in the Formula Ford Zetec, became the Austrian champion in 2007 and drove at the Formula Ford Festival in Brands Hatch. In between, I also started in the Swiss Formula Lista in 2006.

A direct switch to Formula Renault 2000 or Formula 3 was not within the realms of possibility, although there were offers. I then endeavoured to get into the ADAC motorsport promotion, which was a lot easier via the touring car. So I enrolled in the Dacia Logan Cup in 2008 as preparation for the VW Polo Cup. In 2009, after a successful VW inspection, the opportunity arose to compete in the VW Polo Cup as part of the DTM. However, due to difficult economic times, my then main sponsor was affected. I was already 22 at the time, which meant that the sponsorship of young drivers came to an end. I was therefore forced to take a break from motorsport from 2009. In addition, my priority at that time was my studies. »

Clausnitzer drives a Formula Renault V6

What fascinates you about formula racing?

CLAUSNITZER: « After karting, formula racing was the goal, pure racing with a machine designed exclusively for motorsport. That fascinated me. When I was young, I used to watch the World Series by Renault and Nissan at the Lausitzring with my dad. The noises, the sound under the grandstand – that was an absolute dream, however it seemed unattainable back then.

I have always been particularly attached to Formula Ford. During a holiday in England, we also made a stop at Brands Hatch. There happened to be a Formula Ford racing there and I was immediately hooked again.

A short time later, we reactivated the Formula Ford and I’ve been back in a racing car since 2020. In 2022, I was runner-up in the German-Dutch Formula Ford series and won races again. I also took part in some races in the French championship and had a few podiums. »

How did the idea of eventually competing in the BOSS GP Racing Series come about?

CLAUSNITZER:  » I have always followed the BOSS GP and the idea to move to a higher formula class came to me again in 2022 . It was at a race in Brno that inspired me to find out whether and how I could turn this dream into reality. In the winter of 2022, I sat down with my team and we took the plunge. We said to ourselves: it’s now or never, let’s go on an adventure! »

What were your first impressions?

CLAUSNITZER: « The first weekend in Le Castellet was simply overwhelming. The size of the track alone, the long straights – I really got to know the car here. For me, driving with 260 hp more meant quite a difference in performance . Also, the difference in braking with the left-hand brake again and paddle shift – of course, this has all been around for a long time in today’s motorsport world, but when you come from the now historic motorsport sector, it’s quite a difference. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire WF Racing team. Without the tireless efforts of everyone involved, this would not have been possible. It was all new territory for me with this formula racing car. My team was fully engaged, gave their all and in the end we won the title in 2023. »

What has made the biggest impression on you in your races in the BOSS GP so far?

CLAUSNITZER: « The events with all the spectators, the grid walks and meeting motorsport legends like Jean Alesi or René Arnoux and shaking their hands – I had to pinch myself to see if it was real. I also had a great duel with Stefan Eisinger-Sewald at the Red Bull Ring 2023. We had a real game of cat and mouse for four laps. It was a close battle, wheel-to-wheel in almost every corner – that’s racing, that’s fun! »

Will you stay in the BOSS GP in the future?

CLAUSNITZER: « Of course we’ll be racing in the BOSS GP again in 2024, we’ll be competing in the SUPER LIGHTS category again and our aim is to build on last year’s successes. I’m also always looking at the other categories within the BOSS GP, which could also appeal to me, but I have to remain realistic for now. It’s also always a question of money, which determines what and how much you can race. That’s why I’m looking forward to my second season and any sponsor support I can get. »

Anyone who wants to experience Henry and seven other Germans live can do so from 24 to 26 June 2024 at the Nürburgring Classic at the Nürburgring.

Photos: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP

BOSS GP continues partnership with Pirelli

Pirelli will remain the exclusive tyre supplier of the BOSS GP in 2024.

The Italian tyre manufacturer offers a unique product for the participants of the BOSS GP: Formula 1 technology combined with easier handling when warming up the tyres. Together with the Hollerweger tyre service, this partnership guarantees a reliable supply of the « black gold » throughout the season.

Photo: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP

30 years of putting the pedal to the metal

The BOSS GP Racing Series remains unstoppable in 2024: 30 years after its foundation, twelve races across Europe are scheduled.

Whether Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3000, World Series or IndyCars from the USA and Formula Nippon from Japan – BOSS GP remains the platform for races with the best racing cars of the last three decades. For 30 years now, the FIA-certified BOSS GP Racing Series has been offering drivers and fans an unrivalled racing experience: open-wheel single-seater cars form the top of the motorsport pyramid. Divided into four classes, ladies, gentlemen and youngsters compete for trophies and championship points, without forgetting the immense emotional and financial value of these cars.

Priority for fans In the BOSS GP F1 Class, Formula 1 cars built from 1996 onwards can be seen and heard. Depending on the number of starters, they are given their own flying start ahead of the rest of the field. The OPEN class is open to IndyCars and cars such as the Rodin FZED or Lotus T125. Formula 2, World Series, A1 GP & Co. meet in the FORMULA class, while the SUPER LIGHTS category is reserved for six-cylinder cars such as the Formula 3000. All together, they offer action-packed, fast and vocal motorsport at its best, which is unrivalled in this form in the global motorsport universe. This is also reflected in the spectator numbers, with 200,000 fans attending the BOSS GP Racing Series events last year. With fair ticket prices, an open paddock, autograph sessions and grid walks, the events of the BOSS GP Racing Series inspire fans of all ages.

Important information for teams and drivers
There is no season registration for the 2024 season. Registration is therefore very simple: an application must be submitted at least three weeks before the respective race weekend. The form can be downloaded at Interested parties can contact for any help.

Photo: Angelo Poletto

Calendrier des courses 2024 révélé

À la veille du Nouvel An, la BOSS GP Racing Series a publié les dates de sa saison anniversaire.

Pour la 30e année de la série de courses la plus rapide et, pour beaucoup, la plus passionnante d’Europe, les équipes et les pilotes de la BOSS GP Racing Series seront à nouveau en tournée en Europe. Les organisateurs ont réussi à combiner des circuits de course familiers et de nouveaux événements. Une fois de plus, seuls des circuits répondant aux normes de sécurité les plus élevées ont été sélectionnés. Cela garantit que l’infrastructure n’offre que les meilleures conditions et que les pilotes s’affrontent sur les mêmes pistes que celles où la Formule 1 et la MotoGP sont habituellement en action. Sans oublier l’atmosphère inoubliable qui règne lors d’événements tels que le Jim Clark Revival à Hockenheim ou le Jack’s Racing Day aux Pays-Bas.


Le coup d’envoi de la saison 2024 sera à nouveau donné au Hockenheimring (3-5 mai), où des dizaines de milliers de spectateurs attendront à nouveau les voitures et leurs pilotes dans le Motodrom plein à craquer. Trois semaines après l’ADAC Hockenheim Historic, le retour tant attendu aura lieu au Nürburgring (24-26 mai). Le Nürburgring Classic sur le circuit légendaire de l’Eifel sera l’un des temps forts de la saison.

Ensuite, nous prendrons la piste pour la course locale de la série à Spielberg (7-9 juin), où la BOSS GP Racing Series fera sa deuxième apparition en tant que point culminant des Red Bull Ring Classics. Cette course sera suivie d’une autre à Assen (du 2 au 4 août), où une salle comble du légendaire circuit TT pourra à nouveau entendre le son unique de notre gamme lors du Jack’s Racing Day (entrée gratuite !).

La finale sera à nouveau un double programme en Italie à l’automne. Le premier sera l’un des circuits préférés de nombreux pilotes, le circuit du Mugello (11-13 octobre) en Toscane. Il sera suivi trois semaines plus tard par la « Grande Finale » au Misano World Circuit (1-3 novembre), un circuit qui a donné lieu à des courses passionnantes ces dernières années et qui a été bien apprécié par les équipes et les pilotes. En raison du nivellement du circuit, aucune voiture de Formule 1 ne sera en piste lors de la finale.


Cependant, après l’événement test réussi à Brno en 2023, ces voitures auront l’occasion de participer à un nouveau format de course-spectacle appelé « F1 Car Legends » en 2024. Les deux dates du Grand Prix de France Historique au Castellet (19-21 avril) et du Jack’s Racing Day à Assen du 2 au 4 août ont déjà été confirmées. Plus de détails sur cette offre destinée aux propriétaires de voitures de Formule 1 seront bientôt disponibles sur


Comme par le passé, il y aura deux courses par week-end de course en plus des séances d’entraînement et de qualification. Celui ou celle qui recueillera le plus de points dans sa classe à la fin de l’année sera couronné(e) champion(ne). L’année dernière, ce fut le cas pour Ingo Gerstl (BOSS GP F1 Class), Antonio Pizzonia (OPEN), Simone Colombo (FORMULA) et Henry Clausnitzer (SUPER LIGHTS).

Le règlement de la saison 2024 et les formulaires d’inscription seront bientôt publiés sur Les documents de l’année précédente sont disponibles à titre de référence pour les participants intéressés :

Photo: WF Racing

Saison 2023 et Soirée des Champions

BOSS GP 2023: 5 pays – 7 épreuves – 14 courses – 4 classes – 20 équipes – 40 pilotes – 11 nations.

La Champions Night de la BOSS GP Racing Series de cette année a eu lieu le samedi 25 novembre 2023. Les participants à la série de courses la plus rapide d’Europe se sont réunis dans la merveilleuse ambiance du restaurant M23 à Mönchsberg, avec une vue magnifique sur la ville de Salzbourg. Pour la 29e édition de la série BOSS, les courses se sont déroulées sur sept week-ends dans cinq pays européens. Vingt équipes participantes ont aligné leurs voitures dans quatre classes et ont envoyé un total de 40 pilotes de 11 nations aux événements.

Dans la classe BOSS GP F1, la classe des pur-sang de Formule 1, l’Autrichien Ingo Gerstl a de nouveau gagné avec sa Toro Rosso STR1 Cosworth du Team Top-Speed. Il s’agit du huitième succès du natif de Salzbourg, ce qui en fait le seul recordman au palmarès des succès de la série BOSS GP. L’artiste et sculpteur de renommée mondiale Jos Pirkner, invité d’honneur de la soirée à Mönchsberg et créateur du design légendaire de la voiture de course de Formule 1 Toro Rosso, a remis à Ingo Gerstl le trophée de la victoire générale du BOSS GP. L’Allemand Ulf Ehninger est arrivé deuxième de la catégorie Formule 1 avec sa Benetton B197-F1 d’ESBA-Racing devant le Français Didier Sirgue de LRS Racing sur la Jaguar R2-F1.

La classe BOSS GP OPEN a été remportée par le Brésilien Antonio Pizzonia. L’ancien pilote de Formule 1 Williams et Jaguar s’est imposé au volant d’une Dallara World Series V8-T12 de l’équipe autrichienne HS Engineering soutenue par ZELE Racing. Cela signifie que l’adorable Brésilien a non seulement toujours été dans le sillage de la Toro Rosso d’Ingo Gerstl, mais aussi sur la première place du podium à 13 reprises lors des 14 courses de la classe Open. La deuxième place est revenue à l’Irlandais Paul O’Connell, toujours de bonne humeur, dont la Dallara NME World Series a également été réalisée par HS Engineering / ZELE Racing.

La classe BOSS GP FORMULA était la plus peuplée en termes de nombre et les voitures Dallara-Mecachrome 4.0 V8 GP2 ont de nouveau dominé. Au total, 29 pilotes figurent au classement par points de la classe FORMULA, les trois premières places revenant à l’Italie. Il convient de noter en particulier le duel au sommet qui a duré toute une année entre le futur vainqueur Simone Colombo de MM International et Marco Ghiotto de la Scuderia Palladio / Team Nardi Compressori. Les luttes entre ces deux pilotes ont été rudes, mais toujours très justes. Plusieurs fois, quelques centimètres seulement les séparaient sur la ligne d’arrivée. Cecco Malavasi, également de la Scuderia Palladio, a pris la troisième place du classement général de la catégorie FORMULA devant le meilleur pilote allemand, Andreas Fiedler de Fiedler Racing / Team Leonhart, qui a raté le podium au classement général d’un seul point. Marc Faggionato de Monaco, au volant d’une voiture de l’équipe italienne MM International, était également très fort dans cette classe FORMULE. Il a même remporté une victoire de catégorie au Paul Ricard en début de saison puis est monté plusieurs fois sur le podium tout au long de l’année. A noter également l’Autrichien Roland Rupprechter, qui, en tant que nouveau venu dans la série BOSS GP, apparaît neuvième sur 29 pilotes au classement par points de la FORMULA Class.

La victoire dans la classe BOSS GP SUPER LIGHTS revient à l’Allemand Henry Clausnitzer de WF Racing sur un Tatuus World Series V6. L’Autrichien Stefan Eisinger-Sewald de Red Rose Racing, qui a toujours piloté avec un engagement total, est arrivé deuxième avec sa belle Ralt RT23-F3000 dans la catégorie des voitures de course de faible cylindrée. L’Italien Walter Colacino / W. Colacino Racing est arrivé troisième en SUPER LIGHTS sur une Lola T96/50-F3000.

L’année prochaine, en 2024, la série BOSS fêtera les 30 ans de sa création par Roger Cowman et ses amis en Grande-Bretagne. Il y a six week-ends de course dans le calendrier pour la saison anniversaire 2024, plus deux dates auxquelles auront lieu les spectacles de F1.

Résultats complets 2023 BOSS GP Racing Series – toutes classes

Photos: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP

Report: Race 2 Mugello

The last winner’s trophies of the 2023 season go to Antonio Pizzonia, Simone Colombo and Walter Colacino.

In perfect weather, the drivers of the BOSS GP Racing Series were challenged once again on Sunday lunchtime: The longer 25-minute race had to be contested and at numerous positions drivers fought for a better result.

Not impressed by this, Antonio Pizzonia (BRA) took another overall victory today. The driver of the Austrian team HS Engineering also took first place in the final race of the OPEN class this season. With a time of 1:31.120 min, Pizzonia topped his best lap time from yesterday. This means that Pizzonia has now managed to set a new lap record in his World Series 4.5, as only Formula 1 cars have ever been faster on this track. The previous record holder was Harald Schlegelmilch (LVA), OPEN champion in 2022, also in this car.

Simone Colombo (ITA, MM International) was the one who left his mark on the 14th race of the season in the FORMULA class. After Pizzonia had lost ground due to degrading tyres, Colombo had even taken the lead for a moment. Behind him, Marc Faggionato (MCO, MM International) built up pressure in the early stages, with Marco Ghiotto (ITA, Scuderia Palladio) hot on his heels. Sometimes on the edge of track limits, the top drivers in the FORMULA class gave each other nothing in the final race of the season. On lap 11 of 16, Ghiotto overtook the Faggionato in front of him. But the gap to Colombo had already grown to several seconds. So once again it was Colombo who was allowed to open the champagne first. Ghiotto took second place, Faggionato came third.

Salvatore de Plano (ITA, MM International) finished behind, Andreas Fiedler (GER, Fiedler Racing) was in fifth place. In a nice triell, the two Zig Zag drivers Jean-Christophe Peyre (FRA) and Nicolas Matile (MCO) as well as the Scuderia Palladio supported Bruno Jarach (ITA, Eesti Motorsport) met. For almost 15 laps the group were together, finally Jarach beat the two Auto GP cars to the chequered flag. In SUPER LIGHTS, Walter Colacino (ITA, Walter Colacino Racing) took home another victory.

After seven events in France, Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, the champions for the 2023 season are Ingo Gerstl (BOSS GP F1 Class), Antonio Pizzonia (OPEN), Simone Colombo (FORMULA) and Henry Clausnitzer (SUPER LIGHTS). They will be honoured at the end-of-year party at the end of November in the city of Salzburg.

Photo: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP

Report: Race 1 Mugello

Simone Colombo continues his hot streak with his tenth win of the season. Colacino and Pizzonia win their classes.

After securing the championship title last time out in Monza, Simone Colombo (ITA, MM International) is not slowing down in the first Mugello race. The now two-time BOSS GP Champion managed to keep Marco Ghiotto (ITA, Scuderia Palladio) at distance once again. The Italian battle in the FORMULA class continued in Mugello, although this time it was much less tense between the two GP2 drivers. By the way, Ghiotto finished in the top-3 for the tenth time this season.

In the battle for third place, Andreas Fiedler (GER, Fiedler Racing) had already built up a small lead over the drivers behind him before a safety car interruption reunited the pack. Fiedler defended hard but always fair against Marc Faggionato (MCO, MM International) before the Monegasque was able to overtake Fiedler in the third sector. A small driving mistake a little later also allowed Salvatore de Plano (ITA, MM International) to pass the German. Faggionato was annoyed despite third place, because not for the first time this year a bad start robbed the fast all-rounder of his chance to fight for victory.

Sixth place went to Nicolas Matile (MCO) of the French team Zig-Zag. Bruno Jarach (ITA, Eesti Motorsport) took 7th place ahead of Jean-Christophe Peyre (FRA, Zig-Zag), who crossed the finish line only just behind. Roland Rupprechter (AUT, Rupprechter Motorsport) was delighted with another finish.

Antonio Pizzonia (BRA, HS Engineering) was on the best way to overall victory, but on lap 5 the former Formula 1 driver stopped in turn 3 because the shifting of the World Series Dallara did not work correctly anymore. Walter Colacino (ITA, Walter Colacino Racing) took the full points in the SUPER LIGHTS classification and climbed onto the podium as well. The last chance to take a trophy this season is tomorrow, Sunday: the longer, 25-minute race starts at 11:00 a.m. CEST.

Photo: Angelo Poletto

Report: Qualifying Mugello

Antonio Pizzonia leading the way, exciting races expected in FORMULA and Walter Colacino best SUPER LIGHTS driver in Qualifying.

In the finest late summer weather, the 5.245-kilometre track at Mugello presented its most beautiful side to the BOSS GP drivers. In qualifying, which determines the starting grid for both races, Antonio Pizzonia (BRA, HS Engineering) set the fastest time in the OPEN classification for the seventh time this season. This time, the ex-Formula 1 driver from Williams and Jaguar will lead the full field to the start, as he did in Misano earlier this year.

In the FORMULA class, a three-way battle for the top spot is expected after practice and qualifying: Simone Colombo (ITA), Marc Faggionato (MCO, both MM International) and Marco Ghiotto (ITA, Scuderia Palladio) were separated by just a few tenths of a second on their fastest lap – they will probably fight it out between themselves for victory.

Following them was another MM International driver, Salvatore de Plano (ITA) starts from third row. The two Auto GP cars from Zig-Zag will start from row 3 and 4: Nicolas Matile (MCO) was faster than team-mate Jean-Christophe Peyre (FRA). Best in the SUPER LIGHTS class this time around was Walter Colacino (ITA, Walter Colacino Racing) in his Formula 3000.

Roland Rupprechter (AUT, Rupprechter Motorsport) and Andreas Fiedler (GER, Fiedler Racing) both came to an early end to their practice sessions after a spin. However, both will be able to take part in the races. The start of the first race is today, Saturday, at 14:10 CEST, the second race starts tomorrow, Sunday, at 11:00 CEST.

Photo: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP

Preview: Grande Finale Mugello

One more time this year, the engines of the BOSS GP Racing Series will be fired up: The grand finale of the 2023 season will take place in Tuscany.

For rounds 13 and 14 of the season, the teams and drivers will travel to one of the most beautiful racetracks on the continent. The 5.245-kilometer track at Mugello (built in 1974) will be the the venue for the finale of a great 2023 season that will be remembered for, among other things, new spectator records.

The Mugello Circuit is owned by Ferrari and traditionally hosts the MotoGP. In 2020, the track in Tuscany also was the venue for a Formula 1 race. The sequences of corners are mostly fluid and fast, the topography hilly. This makes the track, which was built in 1974, a favourite of many drivers. In addition, temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius are forecast for the coming weekend.


With no F1 cars in the entry list, Antonio Pizzonia (HS Engineering) goes into the finale as the favourite for overall victory. For the Brazilian, however, it is once again a good opportunity to attack the lap record of a non-F1. Should he see the checkered flag in both races yet again, he could finish the season without a retirement and with a 100 percent win rate in the OPEN class.

In the most competitive class FORMULA, where Formula 2 and World Series cars meet, MM Motorsport brings the most promising line-up to the start line: With Simone Colombo (ITA), Marc Faggionato (MCO) and Salvatore de Plano (ITA) three former race winners have entered the event. They will take on Marco Ghiotto (ITA, Scuderia Palladio) who wants to make the most of his last chance for a win this season. Another Italian, Bruno Jarach, will start in Ghiotto’s team.

Nicolas Matile (MCO) and Jean-Christophe Peyre (FRA) will compete for the French Zig-Zag Motorsport team. Both will be driving one of the spectacular Auto GP cars. Andreas Fiedler (GER, Fiedler Racing) is now fully back after a few absences this season and has a good chance of jumping up a few places in the overall standings.

And in the SUPER LIGHTS? Walter Colacino (ITA, Colacino Racing) is also coming to Tuscany with his Formula 3000. He shares the Lola, built in 1996, with his colleague Roberto Vanni (ITA).


Friday, 6 October
11:30–12:00          Free Practice 1
16:00–16:30          Free Practice 2

Saturday, 7 October
10:00–10:30          Qualifying (separated in two groups)
14:10–14:30          Race 1 (20 minutes)

Sunday, 8 October
11:00–11:25 Race 2 (25 minutes)

all times CEST


On Friday, admission is free. 5 Euros is the price of admission to the grounds on Saturday and Sunday. Admission to the paddock and the main grandstand is 15 Euros. For women, 14 to 17-year-olds and ACI members there is a reduced price of 10 Euros. Free admission is granted to residents of the nearby municipality of Scarperia e San Piero and children up to 14 years of age.

Support program

Other racing series in the program of the PNK Racing Weekend in Mugello are the F2000 Trophy with the Drexler Formel Cup (Formula 3, Formula Renault 2.0, etc.), the Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior cars, the Sports Car Challenge and Master Tricolore Prototipi, as well as GT and touring car races with modern and historic bolides.

Photos: Angelo Poletto/BOSS GP