Mois : septembre 2015

Gerstl gives the Toro Rosso Wings

Ingo Gerstl is officially the fastest man on « Masarykův okruh ». In today’s first race Gerstl was not only able to score his third victory in a row, but he also smashed the five year old Brno Circuit lap record of the Italian IndyCar pilot Luca Filippi (1:43.260 min) by more than 4 seconds. From now on the new official lap time is 1:39.093 min, with an average speed of 196.3 km/h. Congratulations Ingo!!!


But thats not the end of the story. In a breath-taking stunning battle up to the last corner, the former lap record was also beaten by multi-time BOSS Champion Klaas Zwart in his ex-Mark Webber Jaguar R5. Zwart finally finished second with only 0.567sec gap to Gerstl. Though Zwart wasn’t able to fully compete with Gerstl’s time, he is the one who is still holding the outright lap record on the « Circuit de Dijon-Prenois », the BOSS GP season final race track. Without any doubt we can see an upcoming challenge there.


Race results:  Brno Results

BOSS GP – BRNO – HIGHLIGHT VIDEO:  (by H&M Automotive Videos)


Fight for the Formula Championship entering its penultimate round

It is less than a month ago that the BOSS GP entertained thousands of fans on the Gamma Racing Days in Assen and we are already going into the next round. This time motosport fans in the czech republic can look forward to the race cars of the BOSS GP. The BOSS GP Ensemble comes back to Brno on September 5 and is going properly scorch the tarmac of the « Masarykův okruh ».


Fans can once again look forward to a battle between Ingo Gerstl in his Toro Rosso STR1 – F1 and Klaas Zwart in his Jaguar R5 – F1. Especially Klaas Zwart is excited to show that he can compete with Gerstl after he had to struggle with technical difficulties in Assen and was not able to fight for the victory.


This event is also a special highlight for « First Lady » of the BOSS GP Veronika Cicha. The only Czech BOSS GP pilot is going drive in front of her local audience for the first time, where she is expected with anticipation by many fans, guests and press representatives.


The Formula Class is not going to be less exciting. With his retirement in the first race in Assen, the austrian Johann Ledermair lost a lot of points and so his polish follower Jakub Smiechowski was able to pass him and take the lead in the Formula Class. Both pilots need to show their best performance now, the smallest mistake in Brno could make the Formula title nearly unreachable in the season finale in Dijon.


Last but not least, there is also a new pilot to be welcomed. The Italian Salvatore De Plano (Team Italy – Nannini Racing) is going shake up the Formula Class in his Dallara GP2 and thus be celebrating his BOSS GP debut in Brno.


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