The Battle for the Championship!
October 1, 2015

The grand finale of the BOSS GP Championship is coming up. Next weekend, motorsport fans can expect a highly dramatic conclusion of the BOSS GP 2015 season in Dijon, France.


With a field of 25 cars and an open title fight in all three classes this year’s finale is as exciting as never before. In the OPEN class Ingo Gerstl (97pt.), Klaas Zwart (90pt.) and Peter Milavec (84pt.) are fighting for the title.

In the FORMULA class, Johann Ledermair (259pt) is hoping to take the title of defending champion Jakub Smiechowski (267pt) and like last year, Hans Laub (255pt.) and Karl-Heinz Becker (245pt.) going to decide the MASTERS Title between them.

With so tight scores, every mistake could cost you the title, excitement is guaranteed.


Additionally, we may expect a new Dijon track record. The current record of 1:04.876 min. is held by no one less than Klaas Zwart himself in his Jaguar R5. But with Ingo Gerstl and his Toro Rosso STR1 in top condition, Klaas Zwart should definitely be worried.

10.03.2011- Rubens Barrichello (BRA), Williams FW33

But Zwart’s Jaguar and Gerstl’s Toro Rosso aren’t the only spectacular F1 cars the fans may enjoy this weekend. Frenchman Didier Sirgue enters he track for the first time with his freshly acquired 2011 Williams FW33 F1 and is ready the make the life of Gerstl, Zwart and Milavec even more difficult.


Last but not least we are proud to introduce a new challenger in the Masters class, Vice British F3 Cup Champion Stuart Wiltshire.


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