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Report: Qualifying Hockenheim

The first BOSS GP qualifying session in 2019 was a very exciting one in the FORMULA class. Ingo Gerstl in the Toro Rosso on pole position.

Update 1:34 p.m.: The fastest FORMULA pilot, Alessandro Bracalente, has to start from P12 in first race after a 10-grid-penalty. Bracalente was penalized by the race control for overlooking a flag signal.

At first the five best drivers of the Friday practice sessions went onto the track in the Top 5 Qualifying. Immediately after the traffic light switched to green, it started to rain slightly in the north curve, the hairpin bend and the Motodrom. But there was no bigger rain shower, so all drivers were able to continue on the Pirelli P Zero slick tyres.

Ingo Gerstl (AUT, Top Speed) set a not surprising best time in his Toro Rosso from 2007. With 1:22.505 min he was several seconds behind last year’s record due to the worse weather conditions.

The Italian Armando Mangini (MM International) was able to secure second place. His fellow countrymen Marco and Sergio Ghiotto (both ITA, Scuderia Palladio) did less well today than they did yesterday. Both spun, but were able to resume. While Marco Ghiotto, Monza winner 2018, finally had to be satisfied with 8th place, only 15th place remained for brother Sergio with a time of 1:40.5 min.

In the first half of the 20-minute session Salvatore de Plano (ITA, Top Speed) and Andreas Fiedler (DEU, Fiedler Racing) were fastest. They quickly pushed themselves in front of the fastest FORMULA driver from the Top 5 qualifying, Armando Mangini.

While De Plano decided not to go out for a second time, Fiedler went out for a second try, but stayed behind De Plano. The last attacks on the FORMULA best time came from Alessandro Bracalente (ITA, Speed Center) and Luca Martucci (ITA, MM International). Bracalente had already impressed yesterday when he set the best time in the 1st free practice. With 1:29.8 min he secured the class pole at his first BOSS GP appearance. De Plano and Fiedler will start from row 2, Phil Stratford (USA, Penn Elcom) and Luca Martucci from row 3, Mangini and Marco Ghiotto from row 4.

Best of the Inter Europol team was Philippe Haezebrouck (FRA). The former Le Mans driver finished ninth. Thomas Jakoubek (AUT, Top Speed) cracked the Top 10 shortly before the end. Gianluca Ripoli (ITA, MM International) starts from 11, Walter Steding (DEU, Inter Europol) from 12. ‘Piter’ (FRA, Ray-Ban) starts from 13th. After a Friday once without technical troubles we can still expect a lot for the races. With his World Series by Renault he classified this time in the OPEN class.

The race starts today at 16:10 local time. The first of two races is over a distance of 20 minutes.

Report: Practice & Qualifying Spielberg

Rain makes racing very difficult

The fastest racing series in Europe brings the fun of racing back to the Red Bull Ring. The start grid for both races was already set up yesterday due to the bad weather conditions today.

Saturday started as predicted very wet. Even in difficult conditions the brute BOSS GP bolides were on the track. For safety reasons the race control decided to run the timed practice as 3rd free practice and to set up the starting grid from the combined times of FP1 and FP2.

Ingo Gerstl (AUT, Top Speed, Toro Rosso STR1) took first position in qualifying for the seventh time in the seventh race meeting of the season. From the first to the second practice he improved by more than three and a half seconds. With 1:12.082 min yesterday he was still far behind the times of May, when the local hero had already scratched the 1:10 mark. In the rain, dominator Gerstl was only fifth in the Formula 1 car, which surprised him: “Maybe there’s something wrong with the timing,” smiled Gerstl, who had already been confirmed BOSS GP Champion 2018 before the final races this weekend.

Phil Stratford (USA, Penn Elcom, Benetton B197) complained about technical problems in the first practice session and a reduced driving time for him. But in the 2nd practice he easily finished second overall. He used the rain this morning for training kilometers. Stratford, who lives in California, has hardly any rain experience, but announced for the races: “Should it rain, I’ll drive”.

Luca Martucci was once off track, but very quick in dry and rain

Luca Martucci was once off track, but very quick in dry and rain


Luca Martucci (ITA, MM International, Dallara GP2) surprised everyone: The Italian with Formula 3 experience is the fastest FORMULA driver of Friday and will lead this class into the race. In the rain practice Martucci set the best time, so he is the favourite this afternoon (starting time: 16:00, also in the Live stream).

Salvatore De Plano (ITA, Top Speed, Dallara GP2) starts from row 2. The Italian this weekend has to switch from his regular team MM International to Top Speed. At MM International all cars were rented this time. At Top Speed they offered the fast Italian an alternative home, he thanked it with a successful Friday.

Championship duel between Florian Schnitzenbaumer (l.) and Andreas Fiedler (r.)

Championship duel between Florian Schnitzenbaumer (l.) and Andreas Fiedler (r.)


Florian Schnitzenbaumer (DEU, Top Speed, Dallara GP2) starts from row 3 and thus directly ahead of his only remaining competitor for the championship: Andreas Fiedler (DEU, Fiedler Racing, Dallara GP2). Schnitzenbaumer has set himself the goal to enter today’s race attentively and ideally to make the title clear today.

Between Schnitzenbaumer and Fiedler stands Marco Ghiotto (ITA, MRC Sport, Dallara GP2), who won the brother duel with Sergio (ITA, MM International, Dallara GP2). Sergio Ghiotto starts from 10th place, but in Saturday’s rain he showed with second place that he still has potential for the front. Gianluca Ripoli (ITA, MM International, Dallara GP2) starts from 8th place, newcomer Alain Valente (SUI, Speed Center, Dallara GP2) from 9th place.

Peter Göllner (SUI, Speed Center, Dallara GP2), who has been on the podium twice in the last three races, will start from row 6 together with his team mate Christian Eicke (DEU, Dallara GP2). Hans Laub starts with his Formula 1 Forti in the middle of the FORMULA field from 13th position. Walter Steding (DEU, Inter Europol, Dallara GP2) starts from 14th. Eicke, Steding and Armando Mangini (ITA, MM International, Lola F3000) are still fighting for 3rd place in the championship. Mangini starts the race with a disadvantage, because he is the only one to start in a Formula 3000 and was far behind his immediate opponents yesterday.

Trouble for Thomas Jakoubek on Friday

Trouble for Thomas Jakoubek on Friday


For Thomas Jakoubek (AUT, Top Speed, Dallara GP2) it was already over yesterday after a gearbox damage. Unfortunately, we also have to miss out on the second Toro Rosso from Top Speed. Frits van Eerd had to cancel at short notice, substitute driver Markus Lehmann was only on the track in the first practice session.


Pictures: Michael Jurtin/BOSS GP

Report: Qualifying Assen

Roy Glaser (Dallara GP2)

Ingo Gerstl broke the lap record at the TT Circuit in Assen on the first day with a 1:17.157 min under optimal conditions. Stratford in the Benetton in row 1, Glaser and Schnitzenbaumer start from row 2.

The Austrian Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) was the first to qualify. Right at the beginning Gerstl used the free track in his Toro Rosso STR1, already in the second lap he managed a 1:17.2 min, shortly afterwards he improved the best time again to 1:17.157. In the following laps he improved in sector 3, but it was not enough for another record time. Nevertheless he set the fastest lap ever driven in Assen – an official lap record (currently: 1:19.371 by Gerstl in 2016) is only valid in the race.

Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing) will start the races (starting time 1st race: today at 16:30 GMT +1) next to Gerstl. The American in the 1997-Benetton had to go into Q2 and was long on rank 3, late (in his 9th lap) he could improve to rank 2. Roy Glaser (Speed Center) held this position until shortly before the end. The FORMULA winner from Hockenheim started in Q1 and improved lap by lap. Finally, Florian Schnitzenbaumer, leader of the FORMULA standings, had nothing against the Swiss. In the end, the Top Speed driver was a second behind Glaser. Thus the two fastest FORMULA drivers were ahead of Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing). However, last year’s winner in the Super Aguri SA06 is a hot tip for the race.

Andreas Fiedler (Fiedler Racing) achieved a respectable result on his return to BOSS GP: The German had injured himself in a crash in Monza, and is making his comeback this weekend in Assen – he starts from 6th place.

Walter Steding (Inter Europol Competition) proved to be really quick this weekend. In the meantime, Steding was even placed 5th. During the session he had to park his Dallara-GP2, so he dropped back to 7th place towards the end.

Peter Göllner and Christian Eicke (both Speed Center) were on the track for a while in a row. The Swiss Göllner had an accident in free practice. The car spun and the GP2 Dallara hit the tyre stacks with its tail. The Speed Center crew managed to set up the spare car in the shortest possible time and get it ready for the following qualifying session. Göllner thanked them and finished eighth. The Speed Center duo blasted Veronika Cicha, who achieved her best qualifying result of the year with 9th place.

Flat curbs and a wide track promise a lot of overtaking possibilities for the afternoon. According to current weather forecasts, it should remain dry despite overcast.

Report: Qualifying Hockenheim F1

Ingo Gerstl had an almost perfect qualifying session to mark the highlight of the BOSS GP year. Bernd Herndlhofer starts as best of the FORMULA class.

With an outside temperature of 20 degrees and a track temperature of 25 degrees, the eyes were initially directed towards the sky. It started raining again and again in the morning, but for the qualifying of the BOSS GP it remained dry to the delight of most drivers – the Pirelli rain tyres could thus remain on the wheel wagons.

Defending champion Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) will lead the field into the first of two races at the flying start this evening. With 1:20.939 min he missed the 1:20 mark, but none of Gerstl’s opponents could displace the Toro Rosso STR 1 from first place. Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing) starts from position 2 on the grid. Stratford once locked brakes into the Sachs corner and the Benetton then rolled through the gravel. However, he managed to get back onto the tarmac.

Johann Ledermair, who jumped in yesterday at last minute, has decided not to start today after finishing first in free practice yesterday. Regular driver Thomas Jakoubek will start for Top Speed this afternoon. Bernd Herndlhofer (Top Speed) therefore had one less opponent, with 1:29.382 he was the fastest GP2 driver in his class.

The closest to the Austrian was Monza winner Armando Mangini. The Italian was at the start in Q2, and thus had more time at his side, which the old fox also used until the last second. The experienced pilot and team owner increased steadily, and set the second fastest time in the FORMULA classification with 1:30.0 at the end of the 18 minutes, he starts the 20-minute race at 6.00 pm from second row.

Luca Martucci (MM International) followed his team mate Mangini on his fastest laps around the track. He started from grid position 5, and together with the fastest lady Bianca Steiner from row 3. Steiner could also increase from medium 1:30 laps to 1:30.783, with that she was in the end only 6 hundredths behind Martucci. All drivers in the longer Q2 benefited from an uninterrupted session.

Roy Glaser (Speed Center) in the black-neon-yellow car was also quickly on the way, with rank 7 the Swiss Speed Center pilot is certainly satisfied. The Swiss could be aiming for the podium in the races.

Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing) was allowed to compete in Q1 due to the withdrawal of Ledermair, but with rank 8 he is not where the German could stand. It was certainly unpleasant for Jaksch that his radio cable detached itself from the helmet during the session. His girlfriend Veronika Cichá was also angry: the Czech lost a wheel hub in her outlap and had to give up early.

Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed) will not be satisfied either: The leader of the FORMULA standings only starts from 11th overall, but could not use the few laps in Q1 as he had hoped.

Christian Eicke and Peter Göllner (both Speed Centers) put their cars in the top 10, which is quite a surprise.

Karl-Heinz Becker (Becker Motorsport) and Gianluca Ripoli (MM International) did a pirouette in the hairpin bend almost simultaneously, but both were able to continue immediately. Becker and his accident opponent from yesterday Walter Steding were on a time chase for a long time in parallel flight – Becker finished 13th behind Wolfgang Jordan, Steding 15th.

Race 1 of 2 on this fourth race weekend of the BOSS GP year starts at 18:00.


Photo: Daniel Glaser

Report: Qualifying Monza

Ingo Gerstl (Toro Rosso STR1) starts the races in Monza ahead of Rinus van Kalmthout (GP2 Dallara Judd) and Phil Stratford (Benetton B197). Best Italian: Marco Ghiotto (GP2 Dallara) in 4th place.

With 1:26.6 min the Austrian Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) was over three seconds faster than the quickest time in qualifying 2016. The average speed in the fastest lap was over 240 kilometers per hour. The measured top speed was over 340 kph at the end of the start-finish straight. Gerstl in his Toro Rosso STR1 is by far the favourite for the race victory in the afternoon race (start: 4:40 pm).

Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing), who started in qualifying session 1, only set one lap, and this at the end of the session, which was only eight minutes long. Rinus van Kalmthout, who did not start until Q2, snatched the American just before the end of the session from the front row. The 17-year-old Dutchman in the GP2-Dallara with Judd engine was faster than Stratford, especially in the first sector. The time gap of only two tenths of a second means that Mansell Motorsport’s team-mates can expect a hot race.

f.l. Ingo Gerstl, Marco Ghiotto

With an outside temperature of almost 30 degrees centigrade already in the morning hours, the Italian Marco Ghiotto felt very comfortable. In front of many friends and guests he qualified as the best FORMULA pilot. With rank 4 he is also one place ahead of Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing). The Super Aguri of the German was repaired yesterday after the practice accident (damage to the front suspension and front wing). With 1:36.3 min he set his personal best time this weekend.

Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed) provided the only Full Course Yellow. The German stopped beside the track after a driving mistake. He was fourth fastest FORMULA driver behind Ghiotto, Armando Mangini and David Moretti. He was closely followed by Andreas Fiedler (Fiedler Racing), who lost only three tenths to the points leader in his green Dallara. Walter Steding did well at his fourth appearance in Monza. He finished 10th, ahead of BOSS GP returner Wolfgang Jordan, Karl-Heinz Becker and Veronica Cicha. Christian Eicke (Speed Center) complained about the interruptions in practice yesterday, in qualifying he could complete at least 11 (and thus most) laps. With 1:42.7 min he is close to the midfield. The Frenchman “Piter” (Ray-Ban), who also had his best time of the weekend in qualifying, showed a significant improvement.

f.l. Veronica Cicha, David Moretti

Hans Laub‘s Forti stayed in the pits today, the German from Speed Center assists Christian Eicke as a mechanic for the rest of the weekend. We will see the popular Formula 1 racing car again in Hockenheim. Thomas Jakoubek is also thinking about Hockenheim. The Top Speed driver had injured his ribs during an race kart event just before the weekend and is resting for the highlight of the season.

Photos: Michael Kavena/BOSS GP

Report: Qualifying Spielberg

Ingo Gerstl sets record time

Ingo Gerstl with record lap on pole position, Ledermair on FORMULA pole

Not surprisingly Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) set the fastest time in the second qualifying of this year. With 1:10,665 min the Toro Rosso pilot set a new BOSS GP lap record. The only downer for Gerstl: The declared goal of beating the sound barrier of 1:10 min was not achieved. Second place went to Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing), who kept the GP2 armada behind him in his 1997-Benetton.

An Austrian was also the fastest pilot in the second class: Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport) picked up where he left off last year: At his comeback this afternoon (start: 3:05 p.m.) he starts from position 3 and thus has the best starting position with the FORMULA racing cars. With Ledermair in the second row, Reinhard Kofler (Top Speed) surpassed his expectations at his first appearance in the GP2 car.

Reinhard Kofler starts from row 2

Reinhard Kofler starts from row 2


Eight cars entered Qualifying 2, a seperated session for yesterday’s slower drivers. Fastest was Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed). The FORMULA leader placed 5th overall, knocking out Armando Mangini (MM International), who was in the first qualifying group.

Bianca Steiner and Andreas Fiedler fought for 7th place overall for the whole 20 minutes. Only six thousandths of a second (!) separate Fiedler (7.) and Steiner (8.). The situation between Peter Göllner and Christian Eicke was similarly close. Walter Steding (Inter Europol Competition) starts in the first race from 11, Thomas Jakoubek from 12, Karl-Heinz Becker (Becker Motorsport) had technical problems again, the German only completed three laps, he starts from 14th place.

Report: Qualifying Hockenheim

Not surprisingly, the Austrian Ingo Gerstl takes pole position. De Plano and Schnitzenbaumer in the FORMULA only seperated by two hundredths of a second.

Only two of the four registered cars could start into qualifying today: Ingo Gerstl in his Toro Rosso and Phil Stratford in the Benetton, which the technicians managed to repair overnight. Bernd Herndlhofer and Wolfgang Jaksch had to pack their cars yesterday.

With 1:25.2 min Stratford improved his times in comparison to the previous day noticeably, against the ten years younger STR1-Cosworth of Gerstl of course no cure grew. The Austrian managed to finish under 1:20 with 1:19.664 min.


Phil Stratford's Benetton is repaired and back on track

Phil Stratford’s Benetton is repaired and back on track

This is where the music plays, especially when it comes to the excitement of the race: The fastest times were set by the drivers in Qualifying 1, which is reserved for the five fastest drivers from yesterday’s practice. Florian Schnitzenbaumer in the Dallara-GP2 of Top Speed led until shortly before the end of the only eight-minute session. Salvatore de Plano, who set the best time in the first free practice yesterday, beat the German in the penultimate lap and improved his time from 1:29 to 1:27.9 min. Only two hundredths of a second separated the two FORMULA pilots. De Plano was annoyed about a mistake in the first flying lap in the braking of the second corner, which almost cost him his pole. Schnitzenbaumer expects a close race between the two GP2 drivers.

Armando Mangini (MM International) is already in third place in the FORMULA class by far, but still very satisfied. On the track at Hockenheim, which he did not like, the Italian managed to get a good starting position for the first race this afternoon.

The second qualifying group was disturbed by interruptions. Martin Kindler stopped in the Mercedes Arena, a wheel nut had come loose – the car was towed away.

Shortly after the release Manfred Loach and Andreas Fiedler collided in the warm-up lap. Understandably Fiedler ran badly into the top speed pits. Loach damaged his front wing and also had to park his car at the side of the track, so the fast Austrian only starts from 13 at his BOSS GP debut; Fiedler has to start far more back from 16. Bianca Steiner (Top Speed) did a better job, she came close to the FORMULA front runners; behind de Plano, Schnitzenbaumer and Mangini she is fourth in the FORMULA class.

Best non-GP2 of the FORMULA racers was Karl-Heinz Becker, who got his red Worldseries car ready right before the qualification and will start later as tenth.

The first race starts today at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Race 2 starts Sunday at 13:20.

Right before they collide: Manfred Loach in front of Andreas Fiedler

Right before they collide: Manfred Loach in front of Andreas Fiedler

OPEN class: Gerstl chasing new track record again?

Ingo Gerstl on track in Imola 2017.

It was a well known picture, when Qualifying was finished: Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) on top of the grid. The Austrian was followed by Rinus van Kalmthout (Mansell Motorsport) and Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing). 

Is Gerstl aiming for the next track record? After setting up a new best lap time on the track in Brno three weeks ago at the “Masaryk Racing Days”, the Austrian showed some super fast laps on the track in Imola as well. With his best lap in 1:21,703 min he improved his time from practice session significantly (1:23,168). Current track record is set with 1:20,411  – it will be exciting to see, whether Gerstl can improve his speed furthermore and come close to the lap record in afternoon’s race (start: 3:40 p.m.). Definitely Gerstl will start the race from pole position.

Gerstl was followed by Rinus van Kalmthout. The young Dutch showed a great performance in his Dallara GP2 Evo as well and performed his best lap in 1:27,270, which means further improvement from the practice session. With not only the second best time in Qualifying, but also second best time of the overall grid (FORMULA and OPEN class), van Kalmthout will start from position 2 into the race on afternoon.


Rinus van Kalmthout during Qualifying on track in Imola 2017.

Rinus van Kalmthout during Qualifying on track in Imola 2017.


The OPEN class driver trio was completed by Phil Stratford. The American performed his best lap in 1:32,213, which means position 5 of the overall start grid. Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed) as well as Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport, both FORMULA class) performed faster laps than the OPEN class driver. So it is start position 5 at the first race of the weekend in Imola for Stratford.

Phil Stratford on track in Imola during Qualifying in Imola 2017.

Phil Stratford on track in Imola during Qualifying in Imola 2017.


Drivers and crews now look forward to the first race of the weekend, which will start at 3:40 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

Results of second free practice of OPEN class at “Peroni Race Weekend”:

Position No. Name Nat. Team Car Fastest lap (min) Gap Laps km/h
1 1 Ingo Gerstl AUT Top Speed Toro Rosso STR1 F1 1:21,703 6 318,2
2 11 Rinus van Kalmthout NED Mansell Motorsport Dallara GP2 Evo 1:27,270 5,567 5 305,6
3 7 Phil Stratford USA Penn Elcom Racing Bennton B197 F1 1:32,213 10,510 3 299,7


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FORMULA class: Florian Schnitzenbaumer drives to the top

Florian Schnitzenbaumer during Qualifying in Imola 2017.

Qualifying for the races on the “Peroni Race Weekend” in Imola brought an interesting result for the FORMULA class.

First surprise already before first cars went on track: Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport), currently leading the FORMULA ranking, exited his race weekend due to technical problems. “We have some issues, we currently can’t solve. Going on track would be to dangerous, that’s why we decided, to exit the race weekend on this point. We will leave still today and solve the technical problems of the car after returning home”, Johann Ledermair explains.

The exit of Ledermair for the last two races of the season brings new thrill for the final Championship decision of season 2017. Salvatore De Plano (MM International Motorsport) and Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport) will fight for the title now, as long as both of them complete their races successfully.

But first – Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed) rolled up the grid with a great performance at the Qualifying. Staying nine laps on track, the German drove his best lap in 1:30,008 min – fastest driver of the FORMULA grid, overall third fastest time of the whole grid (FORMULA and OPEN class), which means start-position 3 for the race in the afternoon (start: 3:40 p.m.).

Close behind the Top Speed driver was Mahaveer Raghunathan. The young Indian, currently ranked in position 3 of the overall ranking of the FORMULA class, arrived with high ambitions in Imola and will definitely fight with a high attitude for the Championship title 2017. With his best lap in 1:30,341 he finished Qualifying as second fastest driver of the FORMULA class with a sharp gap to Schnitzenbaumer, but on position 4 of the overall grid.

But where was De Plano? The Italian – racing on his home track – is as well highly ambitious and aiming for the title of the Champion 2017. He performed his best lap time in 1:32,754, which means third fastest driver of the FORMULA class in Qualifying, sixth fastest driver of the overall start grid. So De Plano will start from position 6 into the race on the afternoon.

Qualifying in Imola 2017.

Qualifying in Imola 2017: Salvatore De Plano (r.) in front of Rinus van Kalmthout and Ingo Gerstl (both OPEN class).


Armando Mangini (MM International Motorsport), Walter Steding (Inter Europol Competition), Martin Kindler (Jenzer Motorsport), René Kouwenberg (De Boer Manx), Karl-Heinz Becker (Becker Motorsport) and PETER (Ray-Ban) completed the grid, while Nicolas Matile (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport) spun of the track, his Lola Auto GP had to be recovered.

Drivers and crews now look forward to the first race of the weekend, which will start at 3:40 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

Results of Qualifying of FORMULA class at “Peroni Race Weekend”:

Position No. Name Nat. Team Car Fastest lap (min) Gap (s) Laps km/h
1 888 Florian Schnitzenbaumer GER Top Speed Dallara GP2 1:30,008 9  296,4
2 115 Mahaveer Raghunathan IND PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport Dallara Lola 1:30,341 0,333 2  276,7
3 999 Salvatore De Plano ITA MM International Motorsport Dallara GP2 1:32,754 2,746 5 288,5
4 323 Armando Mangini ITA MM International Motorsport Dallara GP2 1.34,810 4,802 8 287,7
5 505 Walter Steding GER Inter Europol Competition Dallara GP2 1:36,761 6,753 9 288,5
6 430 Martin Kindler SUI Jenzer Motorsport Nissan World Series 1:37,096 7,088 10 262,6
7  139 René Kouwenberg NED De Boer Manx Dallara GP2 1:38,480 8,472 11 285,4
8 411 Karl-Heinz Becker GER Becker Motorsport Super Nissan World Series 1:41,981 11,973 9 267,8
9 111 ‘PETER’ FRA Ray-Ban World Series by Renault 1:52,840 21,832 2  236,2
10 116 Nicolas Matile SUI PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport Lola Auto GP


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OPEN class: After Qualifying Gerstl on pole position, followed by Jaksch

Ingo Gerstl on track in Brno 2017 during Qualifying.

It was a well known picture: Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) set the pace also at the “Masaryk Racing Days”. The Austrian performed the fastest lap of the grid and will start from pole position at first race of the weekend in Brno on afternoon. Gerstl was followed by Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing Team). 

Weather conditions for drivers and teams turned out well: bit cloudy and 22° at the track in southeast Czechia. The six fastest drivers after practice sessions on Friday started first on the 5,403 km long track in Brno into the Qualifying and owned the circuit for a total of eight minutes.

Read more about the free practices on Friday:

1st free practice of OPEN class in Brno 2017

2nd free practice of OPEN class in Brno 2017

As on Friday the pace of current leader of the OPEN class Ingo Gerstl was super fast. Driving his best lap in impressing 1:34,752 min in lap 1, there is a good chance for the Austrian to set up a new official track record in Brno. Current record is 1:39,093 min, set up by Gerstl himself before (note: official track records only count during races). Gerstl will start from pole position at season race 11 in Brno on afternoon (start: 3:00 p.m.).

The Austrian was followed by Wolfgang Jaksch, who performed his best lap in 1:41,986 in lap1, showing a significant gap to leader Gerstl with his Super Aguri SA06. Nevertheless the German finished the Qualifying as second fastest driver of the whole grid and will start from position 2 onto the track at afternoon.

Third OPEN class driver in Brno, Bernd Herndlhofer, went for just one lap onto the track. With a time of 1:42,581 the Austrian will start from position 4 of the overall start grid at the race in the afternoon.


Bernd Herndlhofer during Qualifying on track in Brno 2017.

Bernd Herndlhofer during Qualifying on track in Brno 2017.


The complete results of the Qualifying at “Masaryk Racing Days” in Brno 2017:

Position No. Name Nat. Team Car Fastest lap (min) In Gap Laps km/h
1 1 Ingo Gerstl AUT Top Speed Toro Rosso STR1 F1 1:34,752 1 3 205,281
2 26 Wolfgang Jaksch GER F Xtreme Racing Team Super Aguri SA06 F1 1:41,986 1  7,234 4 190,720
3 21 Bernd Herndlhofer AUT H&A Racing Team Arrows A22 1:42,581 1 7,829 2 189,614

Since OPEN and FORMULA class have different classifications, but drive together at the race, the whole start grid of 15 drivers will start into the race on afternoon. The phalanx of the OPEN class drivers on top is hit by by Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport) as fastest FORMULA driver, who will start from position 3, in front of OPEN class driver Bernd Herndlhofer (H&A Racing Team) on position 4.


Result Qualifying Brno 2017, OPEN class.

Result Qualifying Brno 2017, OPEN class.


This is the starting grid for race 1 at the “Masaryk Racing Days”  in Brno 2017:

Start grid race 1 in Brno 2017.

Start grid race 1 in Brno 2017.


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