Report: Free Practice 1 Spielberg
May 18, 2018

Ingo Gerstl set a new BOSS GP lap record in the first free practice session at the Red Bull Ring: In 1:11,292 min the man from Salzburg completed the 4.2-kilometer long mountain and valley track. Fastest FORMULA pilot was Johann Ledermair. Sports car specialist Reinhard Kofler (Top Speed) was runner-up in his first outing in a GP2.

With an outside temperature of 18 degrees and sunshine the first official session started at 9:30 am. Already after two minutes the first car was out: Armando Mangini (MM International) spun at the exit from the pit lane. The Italian lost control on cold tyres, but he didn’t hit anything. The safety team brought the car back into the pits and Mangini was able to continue the training session.

Johann Ledermair sets the fastest time in second class


After the session restarts, all 12 drivers made their way onto the track. This did not stop Ingo Gerstl in his Toro Rosso from improving from 1:15 min in his first fast lap to 1:11.2 min in his fastest lap – this is a new BOSS GP lap record.

Top Speed team-mates Florian Schnitzenbaumer and Bianca Steiner tried to do some laps together. Ten minutes before the end of the session, Schnitzenbaumer blocked the rear wheels when braking to the second corner. His vehicle was pushed behind the barriers after the spin.


Reinhard Kofler

Reinhard Kofler proved his talent in his first ride


Reinhard Kofler, former European kart champion and Formula Renault racer, made his debut in Top Speed’s BWT car. The current KTM works driver in the GT4 European Series already gave a test of talent in his very first laps in a 600-hp GP2 car: With a 1:19.8 he was only 1.3 seconds behind Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport) in second place in the FORMULA classification. For the races we can expect a five-match between Ledermair, Schnitzenbaumer, Fiedler, Kofler and Mangini.

Another Top Speed driver, Thomas Jakoubek, was missing in the 1st free practice, he will only get into the car later.

In the lap back to the pits Peter Göllner (Speed Center) stopped his Dallara GP2, his car is back in the pits for repairing.


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