Race 1 in Monza starts with safety car
May 23, 2015

After a quiet nice and sunny day in Monza, the weather god created some confusion right at the beginning of the BOSS GP Race 1. Whereas the formtion lap could be still finished in dry conditions, the rolling race start faced rain drops in some of the sections of the track. The safety car therefore kept being on the track for two more laps in order  to control the tricky situation. As the rain did not get stronger the race could be declared and finally started in almost dry conditions.

The polesetter Johann Ledermair (AUT) set the pace right after the start and controlled his leading position during the entire race. The polish contender Jakub Smiechowski was not able to put ongoing pressure on Ledermair even if he set the fastest lap in the race. He finished safely on P2 followed by the newcomer Florian Schnitzenbaumer (GER) from Team Top Speed. The German pilot earned the first podium with his GP2 already on his third race weekend. Ingo Gerstl again utilized race 1 to perform some installation laps out of the pit lane with his Torro Rosso STR1 and he feels confident, that he will soon find the correct setup and performance to compete over a race distance. The incredible speed and sound of this car created so much excitement among the spectators and guests of the BOSS GP organization.


Jens Renstrup (DEN), who was also very stable during the Friday and Saturday sessions finished P4. The Italian driver Armando Mangini confirmed again his exceptional performance from the two free practices and the qualifying session and finished P5 followed by Henk de Boer from the Netherlands. He might be a bit dissapointed to not reach the podium on his home race, however his pace and consistency was remarkable. Wolfgang Jaksch was again unlucky this race as the water temparature in his GP2 dropped down right after the rolling start and he needed to make a pit stop after a very slow lap one to reset the failure. He kept going and even, if he was already outlapped twice, he was able to become classified on the last position with the 5th best lap time of the race.

Veronika Cicha & Wolfgang Jaksch

Veronika Cicha (CZE) started the race from P14 and could again gain two position finishing on the 12th position. It was the fifth time in five races, that the only woman in BOSS GP not only finished another race but furthermore left again some of her male opponents behind her. Her trend of closing the time gap to the faster guys in front of her is truely visible, her race speed is increasing step by step and her consistency is a big surprise. She alredy benefits from collecting ongoing experience with head to head fights after competing for the last 4 years of consecutive hill climb racing.


The MASTERS class was again dominated by the German pilot Hans Laub followed by Walter Steding (GER). The podium was completed by Philippe Haezebrouck (FRA). Karl Heinz Becker, always a candidate fort he podium was also affected by some technical problems and was not able to reach a podium spot in Race 1.

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