OPEN class: Free practice ends with horrifying crash by Zwart
August 5, 2017

Four drivers had registered for the BOSS GP OPEN class at the “Gamma Racing Days” in Assen (NED). Season races 9 and 10 will take place at the circuit in the northeast of the Netherlands. One free practice for the races was scheduled on Saturday (5th of August) at 9:31 a.m. It ended with an horrifying crash by Klaas Zwart.

Both BOSS GP classes – OPEN and FORMULA class – went on track together for the practice session. Ingo Gerstl (Team Top Speed), Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing Team) and Klaas Zwart (Team Ascari) represented the OPEN class,  Bernd Herndlhofer (H&A Racing) had to step back due to technical issues already before the race weekend. Weather conditions were fine in Assen on Saturday morning: 18°, cloudy, but dry.

The practice session started slowly, due to two yellow flag phases in the beginning (‘PETER’ (Team Ray Ban) and Wolfgang Jordan (H&A Racing Team) spun off the track). But finally drivers tested the circuit with Ingo Gerstl finally racing the fastest lap of the start grid on the 4.555 km long track with an 1:18,263 min with his Toro Rosso STR1. This insane time meant new track record in Assen by the Austrian – previous track record was a time of 1:18,765. Since official track records only count during races, but not during practice or Qualifying sessions, Gerstls time stays an inofficial record. Wolfgang Jaksch showed his best lap in 1:33,210 with his Super Aguri SA06, having a clear gap to leading Gerstl.


Klaas Zwart (r.) on track in Assen 2017.

Klaas Zwart (r.) in front of Ingo Gerstl (l.) on track in Assen 2017.


It was not a good day for Klaas Zwart in front of his home audience. While overtaking Marc Faggionato (Zig Zag, FORMULA class) with still seven minutes of the practice session to go, the Dutch flew off the track, crashed into the wall at the beginning of the curve to the home stretch at high speed with his car catching fire. Luckily the Dutch wasn’t injured at the heavy crash, but his Jaguar R5 suffered serious damage. “I feel pure frustration”, Zwart told us after the crash. “I overtook him, probably he didn’t see me. I felt a hit and catapulted of the track. Luckily I’m fine, no injuries. I hope, we can fix the car.”

The free practice finally was cancelled after the crash of Zwart. There wont be another practice session. The Qualifying will start at 1:04 p.m.

These are the results of the free practice:

Position No. Name Nat. Team Car Fastest lap (min) In Gap Laps km/h
1 1 Ingo Gerstl AUT Top Speed Toro Rosso STR1 F1 1:18,263 9 10 209,52
2 26 Wolfgang Jaksch GER F Xtreme Racing Team Super Aguri SA06 F1 1:33,210 6  14,947 8 175,93
3 66 Klaas Zwart NED Team Ascari Jaguar R5 F1 2:00,994 2  42,731 6 135,53



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