Demo laps bring crucial data
juin 20, 2016

13407018_1108713549184830_7455802033235506679_nFollowing the unfortunate late cancellation of the Championship runs at the Nürburgring, BOSS GP made it possible that the drivers could make some noise for the many fans after all.

Originally, BOSS GP would have held its championship races five and six at the traditional German track. However, the German Motorsport Association DMSB enacted a ban due to particular environmental regulations (use of catalytic converters).

However, the BOSS GP management was able to react on this situation and eventually allowed by the DMSB to run demonstration and promotion laps for the spectators, rewarding them for having made the trip to the Eifel track.

“I love the Nürburgring. It’s a notorious track, going up and down like a rollercoaster. So I was delighted that we could run in the end”, Peter Göllner said.

Different to Göllner, the Speed Center Team used the extra mileage “to get to know our car better. We keep on learning more and more by the mile, so we are glad to have been given the chance for test runs”, Swiss driver Christian Eicke explained.

Also Hans Laub, Roy Glaser and Armando Mangini collected crucial data from running numerous test laps under their belts.

For Philippe Haezebrouck, the return to the Nürburgring was a very emotional one. Less than three weeks ago, the Frenchman pocketed a podium finish in his category of the 24h race on this track. “That’s good memories, of course.”

The next BOSS GP Championship race weekend will be from July 1-3 at the world famous Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Italy.

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