BOSS GP is heading to Zolder for the Syntix Superprix!
juin 10, 2015

Race 7 and 8 are scheduled for the BOSS GP Series. In the celebration of the Syntix Superprix, the fastest, loudest and most spectacular Formula Racing Series in Europe presents itself at the history-charged racetrack in the Limburg area of Belgium. The 4,011 km, naturally designed circuit Terlaemen was challenged by almost every existing racing series worldwide since it`s completion in 1963. With its own characteristic fast turns and the renowned „Sacramentsheuvel“ this Belgian circuit is truly one of a kind and all racing fans can expect again thrilling side by side fights, overtaking manoeuvers  and pure racing action  during the 2 planned races for the weekend.


The recent championship leader Johann Ledermair (AUT) will definitely be ready and highly motivated to defense his top rank after three wins in a row. Can Jakub Smiechowski (POL) get back his consistent pace in the long runs in order to challenge Ledermair? The two youngest and to date fastest BOSS GP pilots will have to confirm, whether they are again able to conquer the top positions on the podium. Florian Schnitzenbaumer (GER), the experienced German race car driver has already proven, that his move this year from a Formula 3 to a much stronger and faster GP2 can be done without any considerable difficulties. His performance curve shows upwards with every race and he feels more confident already to further close the gap towards the two recent top pilots.

Henk de Boer, who was still handicapped by a flu during the season opener in Hockenheim is gaining speed with every race since then and he is facing a direct positioning fight with the German newcomer Wolfgang Jaksch, who, similar to Schitzenbaumer, changed this year his 2.0l Formula Master car to the high performance Dallara GP2. The recent gap in the championship ranking between these two drivers (Jaksch P5 and de Boer P6) is only 1 single point and the two races will become important events for both drivers in order to either consolidate their positions or change the ranks and lose contact to the leaders.


The Superleague Formula driver Christopher Brenier (FRA), together with his father Gilles (FRA), will also restart their V12 engines after a break for the Monza event. Christopher is recently on P4 in the championship, 10 points behind Schnitzenbaumer and two points ahead of Wolfgang Jaksch, Gilles is well positioned in the midfield with 34 points on his account. Both drivers are always good for a steady and fast race and specially Christopher Brenier will try everything to put pressure on Florian Schnitzenbaumer and try to win back the podium spot in the championship.


Veronika Cicha, the fast Czech pilot and the only woman in BOSS GP, recently classified on P7 in the Formula ranking, will try to close the gap to Henk de Boer, who is ahead of her by 11 points. Becoming faster with every race, Veronika shows an incredible consistency in her first BOSS GP season as she finished to date all 6 previous races by always earning valuable points for the overall standings. The entire organization is proud of having the only woman right now challenging male drivers in such a fast, strong and powerful formula class with her pink beast, the Dallara GP2 from Team Top Speed.


Ingo Gerstl, the Top Speed team owner, gave a great show in Monza with the first roll out of his Toro Rosso STR1 and all Tifosi went crazy on the Italian race track, whenever Gerstl passed the finished line with an incredible sound and more than 340km/h. Right now it is not sure, whether he is able to participate in Zolder as he is still constantly working together with his engineers and mechanics in order to complete all necessary maintenance, setup and engine performance tests to guarantee reliability over a full race distance.


In the Masters Class we will again face the head to head fight between the current leader Karl-Heinz Becker (GER) and his direct chaser Hans Laub (GER). Laub put down a marker in Monza with two wins a row and he truly demonstrated, that he will not yield the floor to Becker without fighting till the last race. Walter Steding, currently P3 overall, who surprised in Monza with two podium spots (P2 and P3), still has contact to the two leaders with a gap of 22 points. Two good results in Zolder and he could reduce the backlog, if one of the current leaders becomes nervous or cannot finish a race at all.


BOSS GP in Zolder, Belgium! Pure adrenalin for all drivers and even more for all spectators – witnessing the sound, power and speed of all the GP2, Superleague Formula, Renault World Series 3.5 and the just slightly less powered Formula Nissan 3.0! See you on the track J!

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