Spectacular BOSS GP Finale entertains Spectators in Monza
Oktober 2, 2013

It’s not much of a surprise that the BOSS GP was once again one of the highlights of last weeks race weekend on the legendary autodromo di monza. What came at a surprise thou, is that BOSS GP Veteran Marijn van Kalmthout wasn’t able to secure the top spot at neither of the two races. An unfortunate starting crash in the Variante del Rettifilo made the dutchman drop from position 1 to position 16. In the end he was still able to finish on the second place 8,48 seconds behind Ingo Gerstl in his Dallara GP2. Gary Hausser and BOSS GP newcomer Jakub Smiechowski showed of their racing skills in a rainy second race and placed first and second in front of Marijn van Kalmthout who finished third. In the end the second and third place were enough to secure the overall BOSS GP Champion Title of 2013. Congratulations to Marijn van Kalmthout, Gary Hausser and Ingo Gerstl who finished second and third overall.


Race 1 Results

1 Ingo Gerstl
2 Marijn van Kalmthout
3 Gary Hauser
4 Marco Faggionato
5 Phil Stratford
6 Gianluca Ripoli
7 Karl-Heinz Becker
8 Philippe Haezebrouck
9 Walter Steding
10 Hans Laub
11 Marco Ghiotto
12 Christian Eicke
13 Armando Mangini
DNC 30 Peter Milavec
DNC 37 Jakub Smiechowski
DNC 28 Philippe Bourgois

Race 2 Results

1 Gary Hauser
2 Jakub Smiechowski
3 Marijn van Kalmthout
4 Sergio Ghiotto
5 Marco Ghiotto
6 Karl-Heinz Becker
7 Hans Laub
8 Walter Steding
9 Armando Mangini
10 Christian Eicke
11 Phil Stratford
DNC Philippe Haezebrouck
DNC Gianluca Ripoli
DNC Marco Faggionato

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