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The Battle for the Championship!

The grand finale of the BOSS GP Championship is coming up. Next weekend, motorsport fans can expect a highly dramatic conclusion of the BOSS GP 2015 season in Dijon, France.


With a field of 25 cars and an open title fight in all three classes this year’s finale is as exciting as never before. In the OPEN class Ingo Gerstl (97pt.), Klaas Zwart (90pt.) and Peter Milavec (84pt.) are fighting for the title.

In the FORMULA class, Johann Ledermair (259pt) is hoping to take the title of defending champion Jakub Smiechowski (267pt) and like last year, Hans Laub (255pt.) and Karl-Heinz Becker (245pt.) going to decide the MASTERS Title between them.

With so tight scores, every mistake could cost you the title, excitement is guaranteed.


Additionally, we may expect a new Dijon track record. The current record of 1:04.876 min. is held by no one less than Klaas Zwart himself in his Jaguar R5. But with Ingo Gerstl and his Toro Rosso STR1 in top condition, Klaas Zwart should definitely be worried.

10.03.2011- Rubens Barrichello (BRA), Williams FW33

But Zwart’s Jaguar and Gerstl’s Toro Rosso aren’t the only spectacular F1 cars the fans may enjoy this weekend. Frenchman Didier Sirgue enters he track for the first time with his freshly acquired 2011 Williams FW33 F1 and is ready the make the life of Gerstl, Zwart and Milavec even more difficult.


Last but not least we are proud to introduce a new challenger in the Masters class, Vice British F3 Cup Champion Stuart Wiltshire.


Gerstl gives the Toro Rosso Wings

Ingo Gerstl is officially the fastest man on “Masarykův okruh”. In today’s first race Gerstl was not only able to score his third victory in a row, but he also smashed the five year old Brno Circuit lap record of the Italian IndyCar pilot Luca Filippi (1:43.260 min) by more than 4 seconds. From now on the new official lap time is 1:39.093 min, with an average speed of 196.3 km/h. Congratulations Ingo!!!


But thats not the end of the story. In a breath-taking stunning battle up to the last corner, the former lap record was also beaten by multi-time BOSS Champion Klaas Zwart in his ex-Mark Webber Jaguar R5. Zwart finally finished second with only 0.567sec gap to Gerstl. Though Zwart wasn’t able to fully compete with Gerstl’s time, he is the one who is still holding the outright lap record on the “Circuit de Dijon-Prenois”, the BOSS GP season final race track. Without any doubt we can see an upcoming challenge there.


Race results:  Brno Results

BOSS GP – BRNO – HIGHLIGHT VIDEO:  (by H&M Automotive Videos)


Fight for the Formula Championship entering its penultimate round

It is less than a month ago that the BOSS GP entertained thousands of fans on the Gamma Racing Days in Assen and we are already going into the next round. This time motosport fans in the czech republic can look forward to the race cars of the BOSS GP. The BOSS GP Ensemble comes back to Brno on September 5 and is going properly scorch the tarmac of the “Masarykův okruh”.


Fans can once again look forward to a battle between Ingo Gerstl in his Toro Rosso STR1 – F1 and Klaas Zwart in his Jaguar R5 – F1. Especially Klaas Zwart is excited to show that he can compete with Gerstl after he had to struggle with technical difficulties in Assen and was not able to fight for the victory.


This event is also a special highlight for “First Lady” of the BOSS GP Veronika Cicha. The only Czech BOSS GP pilot is going drive in front of her local audience for the first time, where she is expected with anticipation by many fans, guests and press representatives.


The Formula Class is not going to be less exciting. With his retirement in the first race in Assen, the austrian Johann Ledermair lost a lot of points and so his polish follower Jakub Smiechowski was able to pass him and take the lead in the Formula Class. Both pilots need to show their best performance now, the smallest mistake in Brno could make the Formula title nearly unreachable in the season finale in Dijon.


Last but not least, there is also a new pilot to be welcomed. The Italian Salvatore De Plano (Team Italy – Nannini Racing) is going shake up the Formula Class in his Dallara GP2 and thus be celebrating his BOSS GP debut in Brno.


In case you missed the spectacular Assen Grand Prix, check out our Assen Video Coverage.

BOSS GP F1 & GP2 show to celebrate the „Grand Prix of Slovakia“

Invited by the management of Slovakiaring to be the main attraction of the ‘National Race Weekend’ at Slovakiaring near Bratislava, Ingo Gerstl and Wolfgang Jaksch from Team Top Speed performed an exhibition on Sunday, August 23rd with their current BOSS GP race cars, a Toro Rosso F1 STR1 and a Dallara GP2/08.

Slovakiaring - Demo 2

The event started with an autograph session, which was also joined by Veronika Cicha (CZE), currently the only GP2 female pilot worldwide racing in an official FIA series – beside several other Eastern European pilots from all kinds of FIA racing series.


After signing hundreds of autographs, it was Wolfgang Jaksch who opened the formula showcase by performing some show laps with his GP2 around the widely open race track under the eyes of thousands of racing fans. After coming back safely to the pits, Team Top Speed started up the V10 of Ingo Gerstl`s Toro Rosso STR1 and the entire crowd stood up from their seats as he accelerated the car out of the pit lane. It was almost kind of nostalgic for all fans to see and furthermore hear this incredible engine and power and witnessing live, that the most powerful ever built F1 cars are still running and can be seen in an official racing series! The final highlight was a head to head comparison between F1 and GP2 as both pilots went on track and fired up their engines on the two long straights side by side.

Slovakiaring - Demo 4

The feedback after the showcase was incredible and many fans promised to come and see the next BOSS GP racing weekend live in Brno (CZE) on September 5th and 6th.

The next possibility to see a GP2 live in an exhibition will be already next weekend in Most (CZE) in the celebration of the FIA Czech Truck Prix. Veronika Cicha will show some fast laps with her „pink beast“ and she will also pilot a Rally Race Taxi on the „Polygon“ beside the main circuit in Most.


“Bull’s Eye” for Gerstl and his Toro Rosso F1!

Assen, Netherlands, Sunday, August 2nd, 9:00 am in the morning… Almost 90.000!! spectators were already lining the grandstands at the TT Circuit awaiting another annual GAMMA Racing day in the northern part of the Drenthe province. This one of a kind event spectacle formed a perfect framework for the 5th race of the BOSS GP Championship 2015. Due to the numerous incidents in the Saturday race, the starting grid unveiled several surprises.


Despite Ingo Gerstl, who superiourly won Race 1 in the OPEN class, the FORMULA Class contenders Henk de Boer as well as Armando Mangini were lining up their GP2`s in the front rows right behind the Polish Championship leader Jakub Smiechowski. His closest follower, the Austrian Johann Ledermaier was forced to the end of the starting grid after a complete failure in Saturday`s race. There could be no better precondition for an exciting, dramatic and spectacular Race 2 in front of a crowd, which can`t even be beaten by a current regular Formula 1 Sunday race.


Gerstl caught a good start and piloted his Toro Rosso STR1 smoothly and fast through the demanding layout of the TT circuit. Even if his direct opponent Klaas Zwart announced to chase him in this race in front of his home crowd, the Dutch F1 Jaguar pilot had to park the car again in the pits after a safety car stage in the middle of the race. He couldn`t manage to get his overheating problems under control. So the way was clear for the Austrian routinier who showed his high-level driving skills to finally celebrate with his team a superb „Bull`s Eye“ with 50 points out of only his 2nd race in this car, followed by another great performance of BOSS GP returnee Peter Milavec in his Judd-powered ChampCar and Philippe Haezebrouck, who was racing this weekend with an perfectly- prepared AUTO GP car from Austrian Zele-Racing team.


The precondition in the FORMULA Class was obviously perfect for the current leader Jakub Smiechowski. His follower Johann Ledermair started far from behind and everybody expected another win from the Polish driver. Surprisingly Ledermaier caught a perfect start and overtook already several cars in the first corner and started a phenomenal chase for the pole. Finally he could manage to overtake Smiechowksi and he achieved a victory by showing his best performance this season so far.


After the accident on Saturday, Florian Schnitzenbaumer showed the big crowd a very stable and concentrated performance and he finally earned his second podium spot this season. His teammate Wolfgang Jaksch also caught a good start and placed his car out of corner 1 right behind Henk de Boer. Lap by lap he shortened the gap and was preparing to attack the Dutch driver. An unexpected safety car stage caused by an accident stopped the chase and for 4 laps the entire field formated itself in a row. The restart 3 minutes before the end of the race ended up in another incident where the Italian Armando Mangini, Dutch driver Henk de Boer and German Wolfgang Jaksch were involved. While de Boer could slightly overtake Mangini in corner 1, Jaksch and Mangini crashed in corner 3 and spun out widely in the grass. Nevertheless both had luck, Mangini came in on P10 while Jaksch could get his engine running and reached P6, only passed by TINTIN in the last lap. Jens Renstrup finished on P7, followed by Christian Eicke and Veronika Cicha. Mangini finished on P10.


The MASTERS class series was overshadowed by a serious accident from the German Karl-Heinz Becker. Fighting for his position he got in contact with the tire of his closest rival for the Championship Hans Laub and his car immediately flipped over and smashed into the gravel upside down. Luckily Becker could leave the heavily demolished car without any injuries and he fort the luck of all fans, driver`s and the stuff he raised his hand right after the crash. Hans Laub therefore brought home safely another MASTERS class victory and he further increased his gap in the championship ranking. P2 went to Walter Steding followed by Peter Göllner who had to change the car (and the class) for the 2nd race.


The BOSS GP series develops itself more and more into a very competitive and furthermore spectacular and exciting international racing series. Over two days 112.000 fans were truly overwhelmed by the sound, the speed and the infights of this second to none variety of the fastest ever built formula cars.


Next hotspot of the series will be the legendary race track in BRNO/CZ on September 5th and 6th. Without any doubt many eyes will have the focus there on Czech female driver Veronika Cicha who was also born in the near of Brno. It will be the first time ever she will compete with her Dallara GP2 in front of her home crowd.

Keep on racing and see you in South Moravia on the first weekend of September!


Ingo Gerstl catches first win with his Toro Rosso STR1

The 5th BOSS GP race weekend on the TT Circuit Assen (NED) started on Saturday with something totally unexpected. First of all home boy Klaas Zwaart (NED) showed up again with his Jaguar R5 in order to compete against Ingo Gerstl`s Toro Rosso STR1 in the OPEN class of the BOSS GP and he immediately set the pace and fastest lap time overall in FP1. However, he was not able to do a fast lap in qualifying and due to further technical difficulties he had to retire from the grid for race 1. With Peter Milavec and his rebuilt ChampCar fitted with a new Judd 4.2 V10 engine together with Philippe Haezebrouck, who piloted a Zele-Racing Auto GP car, two more pilots were competing in the OPEN class this time. Gerstl with his Toro Rosso started the 1st race from P3, showed a superb performance and granted his first overall victory this season. Milavec finished 2nd in the class and Phillippe Haezebrouck caught a podium spot with a gap of 19 seconds.


In the FORMULA class the ongoing infight between the Austrian youngster Johann Ledermaier and his toughest contender Jakub Smiechowski from Poland faced another shift. Smiechowski was the fastest man in the qualifying, set his car on pole position and also hit the first corner after the rolling start on P1. Still in lap 2 Ledermaier had a big multi-turn spun before the last chicane and had to stop his car in the run-off-area. This incident cleared the way for the Polish GP2 driver and he celebrated his third win in a row. In addition he took over the lead in the FORMULA Championship for the first time this season.


The German Florian Schnitzenbaumer who showed a constant increasing form curve since the beginning of the season also took advantage from Ledermaier`s mistake and controlled P2. A drive-through penalty (which finally wasn’t showing for him) pushed Schnitze back towards the end of the race and suddenly his team mate Wolfgang Jaksch was catching the second position until the last lap. Schnitzenbaumer was pushing to get his position back and attacked his German team mate in the last lap, unfortunately they both crashed with the result that both drivers were out of the race. The big winners of this incident were Henk de Boer and Armando Mangini, who could not grasp their luck when they entered the finish line as second and third.


Veronika Cicha, the Czech female driver, also caught her best position this season with a 4rd place followed by Christian Eicke. Wolfgang Jaksch and Florian Schnitzenbaumer were still classified on P6 and P8 and could gain at least a few points for the championship as well. Jens Renstrup and Peter Göllner completed the arriving field with P7 and P9.

The MASTERS class faced another tight battle between the two German swashbucklers Hans Laub and Karl-Heinz Becker. With a 4,9 sec gap it was Laub, who finally triumphed again over his permanent rival Becker. P3 went again to Walter Steding.


Race 2 on Sunday afternoon will not only be supported by approximately 90.000 racing fans, but it will be also interesting to witness, how the fast and unlucky guys from today – while starting from the end of the grid – will be able and willing to plow throughout the field. Race 2 will be started according to the placements of Race1.

BOSS GP – always a dramatic spectacle for all pure racing fans!

First BOSS GP F1 battle this season

90.000 fans will witness the first BOSS GP F1 battle this season featuring Klaas Zwart (NED) and Ingo Gerstl (AUT)!

The GAMMA Racing Day in Assen (NED) evolved within the last years to Europe`s biggest multi-class motorsport event! Last year more than 80.000 fans flocked to the legendary TT-Circuit and witnessed all kinds of high class motorsport from different 2-, 3- and 4-wheel race series. One of the top highlights of this year’s line-up will be the BOSS GP Championship races no. 9 and 10 of the 2015 season.

After Klaas Zwart gave green light to deploy his Jaguar F1 again, today the Austrian driver Ingo Gerstl also confirmed, that his stunning Toro Rosso STR1 will be ready to be launched in Assen. For the first time this year all fans are able to witness a true battle between two of the fastest, ever built F1 cars with their original Cosworth V10 engines. Not less-interesting will be also the long awaited return of Austrian Peter Milavec in his completely new rebuilt Panoz DP01 Champcar, now fitted with a strong 4.2l Judd V10 engine. High Speed, extreme noise and spectacular motorsport can be already guaranteed!


The FORMULA Class, currently lead by the Austrian Johann Ledermair became also again more thrilling as his direct contender Jakub Smiechowski shortened the gap between himself and Ledermair to only 8 points. Smiechowski won both races in Zolder and he will be extremely focused in order to increase pressure on the Austrian youngster. While the French Superleague driver Christopher Brenier have to make a break for this event, his closest competitors, the German pilots Wolfgang Jaksch and Florian Schnitzenbaumer for sure push to pedal to the metal in their GP2’s and will fight for the 3rd position in the Championship ranking. It will be interesting to follow their individual performances in Assen as none of the two have ever raced there before. But this might be an advantage for the current holder of P6, Henk de Boer. He could be the big beneficiary as he knows the TT race track and he will be definitely highly motivated facing his huge home crowd on known terrain. The Czech female driver Veronika Cicha travels to the Netherlands being still the big surprise in the 2015 BOSS GP season. The first ever female driver in the BOSS GP series finished to date every single race and holds currently a remarkable P7 in the Championship ranking.


The MASTERS Class opens a further chapter on the never ending duel between the two German ‘evergreens’ Hans Laub and Karl-Heinz Becker. Both drivers caught exactly the same points in Zolder and the gap between the leader Becker and his follower Laub is still 16 points. The tight battle might be even last to the final two races of the season in Dijon, if not one of the two will become nervous and could be already affected by an unforced error during the races in Assen. If so, even P3 holder Walter Steding (GER) might still have a slight chance to sneak between the two`s. His back log is recently 29 points and he will definitely try everything to keep the gap as close as possible.


The GAMMA Racing Day in Assen is truly one of an event nobody should miss, when it comes to exciting motorsport in front of an unbeatable crowd of cheering motorsport fans. All BOSS GP pilots will be highly pumped up to show their best performance in front of the expected ~90.000 fans joining this spectacular race weekend on August 1st and 2nd.

BOSS GP – Where The Big Boys and Girls Playing!

Smiechowski defied all weather tricks and caught a double header in Zolder!

Race 1

As predicted the weather god showed again his two faces during both sunday races of the BOSS GP series in Belgium. While the track was still dry when the pit lane opened for race 1, the conditions were changing already on the starting grid. Rainfall set in and the race director declared a wet race before the formation lap. All teams were forced to change tires before the safety car guided the cars into the formation lap. Jakub Smiechowski (POL), already the fastest racer in qualifying, seemed to find the best setup and mindset for the tricky conditions and he lead the entire field from start to finish. His lap times were truely impressive and he unquestionably deserved his first win this season.


Johann Ledermair (AUT) was not able to keep up the pace in the wet and he gave up chasing Smiechowski in order to bringing his car home safely on P2 –  still collecting valuable points to keep the lead in the championship. Christopher Brenier (FRA) also manifested his 3rd place in the championship with a faultless P3 podium ride on the wet track. Florian Schnitzenbaumer (GER) again wanted to attack the leader group, but a water temperature problem as well as a spin at the beginning of the race increased the gap to the three leaders and he was only able to defend his 4th position during the race.


P5 went to Wolfgang Jaksch (GER), who seems to have a good feeling for his GP2 in the rain. He gained 3 positions as he started from P8. P6 was credited to Gilles Brenier, who despite having a hard curb hit in chicane 1, finished the race with pain in his upper body. He was unfortunately not able to compete in race 2. P7 was enough for Hans Laub (GER) to again receive the Masters class trophy as he secured his third consecutive victory. Karl-Heinz Becker and the third Masters class pilot Walter Steding followed on P8 and P9, all three completed the Masters podium spots 1,2 and 3. Christian Eicke also brought again his GP2 back home in the pits on P10 and Veronika Cicha (CZE) finished her first wet race ever with her pink GP2 on P11. Peter Göllner (SUI) completed the classification finishing on P12. Not classified were PETER, Armando Mangini and Henk de Boer.


Race 2


After a break of 4 hours, the entire conditions on the notorious ciruit Terlaemen changed again and the sun quickly dried off the track in preparation for a fast and furious challenge of the entire BOSS GP formula car field. Already right after the rolling start Florian Schnitzenbaumer pushed too hard into turn 1 and crashed in the back of Johann Ledermair`s GP2. While the German had to retire his car due to the complete loss of his front wing, Johann Ledermair was able to continue the race. However it was again Jakub Smiechowski (POL), who drove an almost lonesome and faultless race and he triumphed also in race 2 without any doubts. With his 2nd win this weekend the tackle for the championship is again on with his rival Ledermair (AUT), who also finished race 2 on P2. The gap after the Belgium Superprix races between the Austrian leader and his Polish contender melted down to only 8 points with still 3 events, 6 races and a maximum of 150 points to go.


Another podium spot was caught by Christopher Brenier (FRA), who steadily guided his Superleague Formula V12 through the fast turns and tricky chicanes of the circuit. Henk de Boer, still retired in race 1, came from all the way behind and utilized his experience on the Zolder track to finish on P4 followed by the German pilot Wolfgang Jaksch. Jaksch lost his 5th position in the starting grid as he stalled the engine at the beginning of the formation lap and was not able to regain his position before the rolling start. He also had to come from all the way back and overtook car by car finally finishing again on P5 this weekend. The fastest Masters class car in race 2 was driven by Karl Heinz Becker (GER), who finally passed Hans Laub again after seeing only his tail for the last three races. Armando Mangini (ITA) showed a good performance in race 2 and finished on P7. Hans Laub (GER) saw the checkered flag on P8 and he earned another 22 points for the Masters championship ranking. The German Christian Eicke positioned his GP2 on rank 9 followed by Walter Steding, who also earned a podium spot in the Masters class. Peter Göllner and Veronika Cicha completed the classified field with P11 and P12. The Czech female driver was admittedly faster than the two contenders in front of her but the surplus on speed was not enough to pass the two Masters driver during the race.


The BOSS GP Belgium Superprix is now already history and the series is preparing for the next race weekend on 1st & 2nd of August at the legendary TT Circuit of Assen in the Netherlands.

The GAMMA RACING DAY event is the biggest combined motorsport event in Europe with spectacular car, superbike, superkart and sidecar races incl. European and World Championship heats, plus Team Toro Rosso F1 and Moto GP demonstration show.

All drivers and teams will expect a crowd of more than 80.000 spectators. Stay focused for more news soon…